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Huffington Post | “I’m hoping one day a mutant tomato can give me heat vision.”

by Huffington Post

Will Americans Put Up with Americans Being Trained to Attack Them?
Adan Salazar | The answer may unfortunately be a resounding “Yes.”

by Adan Salazar

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Washington Times | Wendy Davis turning to deep-pocketed Texans who live in Washington to boost her campaign for governor.

by Washington Times

 Gates Foundation Pushing Dangerous Contraceptives on Black Populations
William F. Jasper | Funding and promoting controversial contraceptive Depo Provera, particularly aimed at women in Africa and developing countries.

by William F. Jasper

BPA finally banned from baby bottles, only to be replaced by deadly BPS chemical
Jonathan Benson | FDA has finally gotten around to issuing a formal ban on the chemical from baby bottles and children’s drinking cups.

by Jonathan Benson

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UK Daily Mail | Ray Kurzweil takes 150 vitamins a day so he can ‘hold out long enough for invention of robots that will keep humans alive’.

by UK Daily Mail

Wash. State Lawsuit Reveals Which Corporations Laundered Money To Fight GMO Labeling
Mikael Thalen | The Grocery Manufacturers Association was forced to reveal which corporate members it laundered anti-GMO labeling donation cash for.

by Mikael Thalen

Default Image | Planned Parenthood happily announced it has reached 97 years of running its highly successful eugenics campaign.


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BBC | A plant that produces both tomatoes and potatoes, called the TomTato, has been developed for the UK market.

by BBC

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Daily Mail | ‘I would say that most of these patients do decide to see and hold their baby, although many of them have a hard time with it.’

by Daily Mail

Default Image | “It’s part of the Georgia Guidestones population control program.”


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Sky News | ‘Holy grail’ universal influenza vaccine would supposedly tackle all strains of the illness.


David Attenborough: Stop Feeding Third World Nations to Reduce Population
Anthony Gucciardi | Celebrated eugenicist Sir David Attenborough calls on nations to stop feeding third world citizens.

by Anthony Gucciardi

Do vaccines cause autism?
Mike Adams | There is systematic suppression in the United States on the truth about the links between vaccines and autism.

by Mike Adams

Fluoridation victories continue as Washington town banishes toxic chemical from water supply
Jonathon Benson | Town joins other scientifically progressive communities that have had enough of all the pro-fluoride rhetoric.

by Jonathon Benson

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KVUE | “Let’s go over to your house and play that new abortion video game…”