‘Near Perfect’ Indicator That Precedes Almost Every Stock Market Correction Is Flashing A Warning Signal
Are we about to see U.S. stocks take a significant tumble?
by Michael Snyder
US resorts to Illegality To Protect Failed Policies
In a blatant and massive market intervention, the price of gold was smashed on Friday.
by Paul Craig Roberts & Dave Kranzler

IRS Hunting People Who Sell Anything on EBay
The following notice was sent out by EBay…
by Martin Armstrong
Former ECB Head Bullied Ireland into Bailout: Trichet “Held a Loaded Gun to Their Heads”
The authoritarian and undemocratic nature of the European Union has once again reared its ugly head.
by Mac Slavo

It’s Currency War! – And Japan Has Fired The First Shot
This is the big problem with fiat currency – eventually the temptation to print more of it when you are in a jam becomes too powerful to resist.
by Michael Snyder

How Will The Stock Market React To The End Of Quantitative Easing?
It is widely expected that the Federal Reserve is going to announce the end of quantitative easing this week.
by Michael Snyder
Deutsche Bank lawyer found dead by suicide in New York
A senior Deutsche Bank regulatory lawyer has been found dead in New York after committing suicide, New York City officials said on Saturday.
by Reuters

The Declaration Of Bitcoin's Independence
When we say Bitcoin, we mean the idea: the birth of cryptocurrency.
by Brave the World
Whistleblower: Fed "Highly Alarmed" About Bitcoin Conquering Dollar System
Internal report revealed cryptocurrency would supercede existing Fed monopoly within 12 years.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Analyst: Germany Secretly Planning to Join BRICS
NSA surveillance controversy centered on U.S. fear that Europe’s economic powerhouse will dump the dollar.
by Paul Joseph Watson
HHS Report: Percentage of Americans on Welfare Hits Recorded High
The percentage of Americans on welfare in 2011 was the highest yet calculated.
by Terence P. Jeffrey

The BRICs Are Morphing Into An Anti-Dollar Alliance
The ongoing de-dollarization of the world.
by Zero Hedge
Profiteering on Banker Deaths: Regulator Says Public Has No Right to Details
JPMorgan could potentially hold upwards of $179 billion of life insurance.
by Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Cummings Apologizes to IRS Head for Putting Him Through Hell
Cummings apologizes to IRS Commissioner John Koskinen.
by Infowars.com
UK Begins Beta Testing of Cashless Society
Physical currency to “disappear within 20 years.”
by Paul Joseph Watson