75% of Air and Rain Samples Contain Monsanto’s Round Up
Biotech isn’t just tainting the food supply.
by Christina Sarich
It’s Official, McDonald’s and Monsanto Are Both ‘Losing Money Fast’
Public awakens to what’s really in their food.
by Anthony Gucciardi

Report Finds We Are Eating ‘2,500 Tons of Fake Food'
From fake antifreeze vodka to phony butter.
by Anthony Gucciardi
Officials Declare ‘Eating Healthy’ A Mental Disorder
Could we all really be mentally ill?
by Jefferey Jaxen

Americans Sign Petition to Add "Soylent Green" to Michelle Obama School Lunch Menu
“Soylent green is all natural, it’s high in protein”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Study: Junk Food more Deadly than War, Famine, Genocide
Researchers reveal disturbing numbers.
by Christina Sarich

McDonald’s Gives Free Vaccines With Happy Meals In Texas
Would you like a hepatitis A shot with your Happy Meal?
by Anthony Gucciardi

Agri-Terrorism? Feds Shut Down Seed Library in Pennsylvania
War on self-sufficiency intensifies.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Should You Worry About Mystery Chicken Imported from China?
China’s food industry has been marred with numerous safety problems in recent years.
by Elizabeth Renter

Big Corporations Have An OVERWHELMING Amount Of Power Over Our Food Supply
Huge corporations have an overwhelming amount of power over our food supply every step of the way.
by Michael Snyder
Monsanto Hides Toxicity Test Results on RoundUp, Calling them ‘Commercial’ Secret
Talking about Monsanto’s latest attempt to obstruct justice…
by Christina Sarich

Secret studies proving Monsanto sells poison
Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup.
by Jon Rappoport
The Big Beer Coverup
Alex welcomes Vani Hari to the show. Hari is an organic food activist who is investigating beer ingredients and has launched a petition at FoodBabe.com to make the ingredients public.
by Infowars.com

The Social Cost of GMOs
Food production is a source of large social costs.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Video: Secrets To Having A Healthy Baby
Learn the best methods to influence ideal early human development.
by Infowars.com