Investor: "Terrifying" Consequences if Oil Drops to $40
Geopolitical turmoil draws nearer as oil drops below $50 for first time since 2009.
by Paul Joseph Watson
"Now There's Not Even Soap" Maduro Heads To China To 'Save' Socialist Utopia Venezuela
Social media is awash with striking images of #EmptyShelvesInVenezuela.
by Zero Hedge

Russia's "Startling" Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union
Slowly but surely Europe is figuring out that as a result of the western economic and financial blockade of Russian, it is Europe itself that is suffering the most.
by Zero Hedge
Reports of Queen’s Meeting With Prince Andrew's Alleged Victim False
Buckingham palace denied on Monday the reports suggesting that Queen Elizabeth II met Virginia Roberts.
by Sputnik

Fake Money May Have Triggered New Year's Stampede That Killed Dozens
A stampede killed at least 35 people during New Year’s Eve celebrations in Shanghai.
by Reuters
UN Seeks to Criminalize Free Speech, Citing “Human Rights”
The dictator-dominated global body is waging a full-blown assault on free-speech rights.
by Alex Newman

This Is How Much Russians Hate America…
In Russia, shopping malls are putting out American flag doormats.
by Michael Snyder
AirAsia CEO Dumped Shares Days Before Flight Disappeared
Move prompts speculation Tony Fernandes had prior knowledge.
by Paul Joseph Watson

New Image Claims to Show Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shooting Down MH17
Skeptics question legitimacy of evidence.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: The Roadmap To World War 3: “Playtime Between the East and West Is Over”
The rhetoric in Russia has been heating up lately.
by Mac Slavo

French Farmers Spray Government Buildings With Feces to Protest Regulation & Taxes
Farmers revolt against enforcement of draconian EU directive.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Finland warns Europe is 'at the gates of a new cold war' in wake of Russian military activity
Finland’s president has reportedly warned that Europe is on the brink of “a new kind of cold war”.
by Adam Withnall

"Troubling Trend" NATO Warns Russian Military Aircraft Incursions Worst Since Cold War
Over the last 2 days, more than two dozen Russian military aircraft, in four groups, were tracked and intercepted conducting aerial maneuvers around Europe.
by Zero Hedge
Benghazi Whistleblower Tells All
Alex Jones talks with Tosh Plumley about Benghazi and Fast and Furious and how this will affect America’s future.

Cops Train Guns on Journalists After Shooting in Canada
Soldier reportedly shot during incident at war memorial.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Flashback: RCMP Staged False Flag Violence to Frame Canadians
Violent “anarchists” were undercover police.