For Truly Better Relations with Cuba, Open the Door and Get Out of the Way!
I have a better suggestion if the US truly wants Cuba to become a free and prosperous country…
by Ron Paul
ISIS Terror Attack Coming This Christmas?
Chatter & history of holiday terror plots indicate west could be targeted.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Tensions Between the U.S. and Russia Are Worse Than You Realize – Remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
The similarities to the period just before WWI are indeed striking.
by Michael Krieger
Putin says west is provoking Russia into new cold war as ‘spies’ deported
Russian president denies fanning tensions and says Nato expansion in Europe has been ‘geopolitical game changer’.
by London Guardian

Canada's PM To Putin: "I Guess I'll Shake Your Hand..." Putin's Response "Was Not Positive"
“I have only one thing to say to you: you need to get out of Ukraine.”
by Zero Hedge
New Image Claims to Show Ukrainian Fighter Jet Shooting Down MH17
Skeptics question legitimacy of evidence.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Video: The Roadmap To World War 3: “Playtime Between the East and West Is Over”
The rhetoric in Russia has been heating up lately.
by Mac Slavo
French Farmers Spray Government Buildings With Feces to Protest Regulation & Taxes
Farmers revolt against enforcement of draconian EU directive.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?
Obama’s September 24 speech at the UN is the most absurd thing I have heard in my entire life.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Republican Congressmembers Urge Military Officers to Rebel Against Obama
Lawmakers want officers to resign “in a blaze of glory” in opposition to White House’s middle east policy.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Report: U.S. Air Strike in Syria Kills Six Children, Zero ISIS Members
“There are no ISIS members here.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
The Truth About U.S. Air Strikes on Syria With Syrian Girl
What they’re not telling you about ISIS & the middle east agenda.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Rep. Jones on Syria Attack: "Why Do We Have a Constitution?"
Congressman slams White House for snubbing lawmakers.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Over 150,000 Demand Recount After Allegations of Scottish Vote Fraud
Officials admit viral videos have prompted wave of suspicion.
by Paul Joseph Watson

French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire – Demise of Europe
French vegetable farmer have set a tax office and a building on fire destroying a government facility.
by Martin Armstrong
SNP Politician Calls For Investigation into Scottish Referendum Vote Rigging
In Dundee, a strong YES area, the count was suspended twice due to fire alarms. ‘Yes’ ballot papers were spotted on a ‘No’ table.