VA Training Guide Compares Veterans To Oscar The Grouch
Internal materials give impression veterans are dangerous.
by Steve Watson
Jaw-Dropping Revelation: Justice Department Confirms Lost IRS Emails Are Stored On Backup Drives
DOJ attorneys and the IRS are now scrambling to offer up an excuse for why they shouldn’t have to show them to the American public.
by Mac Slavo

Do we have a “medical Edward Snowden?”
US Congressman stonewalled by the CDC.
by Jon Rappoport

Rep. Steve King: Hillary Clinton Lied about Video Causing Benghazi Attacks
The Congressman asserted that he knows for a fact that Hillary Clinton knew the truth.
Ron Paul: US 'hiding truth' on downed Malaysian plane
“The U.S. government has grown strangely quiet on the accusation that it was Russia or her allies.”
by Jesse Byrnes 

Trust In Government Hits All Time Low As Obama Bombs Iraq
“Hard to remember that there was ever a time when Americans routinely trusted the government.”
by Steve Watson
Leaked Documents Show "No-Fly List" Has Grown Tenfold Under Obama
Blacklist bigger than ever after underpants bomber driven crackdown.
by Steve Watson

U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia to Smear Independent Media Personalities?
Entry from IP traced to U.S. House of Representatives describes Alex Jones as ‘Kremlin disinformation agent’.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Obama calls GOP lawsuit over executive overreach a ‘political stunt’
Obama on Saturday unloaded on House Republicans’ plan to sue him for executive overreach.
by Ben Wolfgang

Pentagon Correspondent for the New York Times Refers to American Citizens as “Children”
We have mediocre, control-freak bureaucrats in the mainstream media and government who see themselves as our parents.
by Michael Krieger
Ted Cruz: Democrats Vote to Ban Books, Repeal First Amendment
Senator renews assault on ‘Fahrenheit 451′ amendment.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Gallup: ALL branches of government hit record low approval ratings
Americans are sick of government… PERIOD.
by Steve Watson
Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing Government Tyranny
The mainstream media and opportunistic politicians have turned Independence Day into the opposite of what was intended.
by Ron Paul

Drudge Talks Immigration, The News Business, And Gridlock In Rare Interview
The news business is in a “vibrant era”.
by Chuck Ross
Shock: EPA Employees Asked to Stop Defecating In Office Hallways
Have you ever wonder what it is that government employees actually do?
by Mac Slavo