Truth Is Washington’s Enemy
US Representative Ed Royce (R, CA) is busy at work destroying the possibility of truth being spoken in the US.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Inside White House Call Boy Ring
Alex Jones welcomes Nick Bryant & Henry Vinson to the show to talk about Historical White House sex scandals and why the D.C. Madam was killed.
by InfoWars

'Bloggers' Compared to ISIS During Congressional Hearing
People who challenge establishment narratives online likened with terrorist organization.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Children Beg State to Let Them Go Outside
CPS grabbing children from normal homes.

Bundy Ranch type standoff brewing in Southern Oregon between miners and BLM
The miners from the Galice Mining District have been arguing over who has the rights to the minerals in the ground around Galice Creek.
by Locked And Loaded
Blair accused of bidding for global domination after vow to set up 'leaders club'
Is this the proof ‘megalomaniac’ Blair DOES want to rule the world?
by UK Daily Mail

Limbaugh On Reid: 'I Don't Believe For A Minute' He Was Injured On Exercise Machine [AUDIO]
“Does anybody believe that Harry Reid really had an accident with his exercise machine?”
by Daily Caller
Hillary Clinton wiped email server clean, refuses to turn it over
Clinton has refused to turn her email server over to an independent third party and claims she has wiped the server clean.
by Washington Times

Beyond Denial: Preparations for Martial Law in America
The federal government and the U.S. Army have been readying for domestic unrest for decades, and preparations are accelerating exponentially.
by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
House Bill Seeks To Abolish PATRIOT Act
Would block NSA snooping, protect whistleblowers.
by Steve Watson

Rand Paul: Foreign donations to Clinton Foundation ‘thinly veiled bribes’
“The normal Clinton response is to cover up, deny, refuse to acknowledge.”
by Politico
The Secret Service Wants $8 Million to Build a Fake White House So They Can Protect the White House
So because the place they train at doesn’t have bushes and fountains, they can’t properly protect the White House?
by The Daily Sheeple

Obama Administration Sets New Record for Censoring and Denying Access to Government Documents
The backlog of unanswered requests at year’s end surged by 55% to more than 200,00.
by Michael Krieger
Cracks In Washington’s Empire
Washington’s EU vassals might be finding their backbone.
by Paul Craig Roberts