Holder Savaged by Critics: "The Least Faithful To The Constitution Of Any AG"
As Obama’s sidekick resigns, his fiercest detractors remind America why Holder was so dangerous.
by Steve Watson
Obama administration ‘blocking’ information from the press – AP
Uncovering information that should be available to the public has become increasingly difficult.
by RT

Dutch MH17 Investigation Omits US "Intel"
Missing US Intel Points to Fabrications.
by Tony Cartalucci
#Declassify: Campaign to Reveal the 28 Censored Pages of the 9/11 Commission Report
Censored information implicates Saudi Arabia in 9/11 attacks.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Breaking—CDC whistleblower: “I’ve stopped lying.”
by Jon Rappoport
Is It Wise For Obama To Send Thousands Of U.S. Troops Into The Ebola Death Zone?
Barack Obama loves to show that he is “doing something” by sending troops to the affected area.
by Michael Snyder

CDC whistleblower: Behind the Media Blackout
Aside from a few bland stories about William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower, the major media have maintained a forced blackout.
by Jon Rappoport
US threatened Foley family over Islamic State ransom, slain journalist’s mother says
“We were told that several times and we took it as a threat and it was appalling.”
by RT

Washington Piles Lie Upon Lie
The latest Washington lie, this one coming from NATO, is that Russia has invaded Ukraine with 1,000 troops and self-propelled artillery.
by Paul Craig Roberts
“A Man of Many Perversions” – Federal Cybersecurity Head Convicted of Child Porn Charges
The following story is a warning as to why centralized power is so dangerous.
by Michael Kreiger

Rand Paul: Obama Is Not A King
Senator warns of Constitutional crisis over climate change “end-around” of Congress.
by Steve Watson
18 Signs That The Obama Administration Is Openly Hostile To The Military
Has there ever been an administration that has had more disdain for the U.S. military than the Obama administration?
by Michael Snyder

The Big One: CDC whistleblower goes public Now
CDC whistleblower admits fraud publicly: releases Aug. 27 statement!
by Jon Rappoport
VA Training Guide Compares Veterans To Oscar The Grouch
Internal materials give impression veterans are dangerous.
by Steve Watson

Jaw-Dropping Revelation: Justice Department Confirms Lost IRS Emails Are Stored On Backup Drives
DOJ attorneys and the IRS are now scrambling to offer up an excuse for why they shouldn’t have to show them to the American public.
by Mac Slavo
Do we have a “medical Edward Snowden?”
US Congressman stonewalled by the CDC.
by Jon Rappoport