Hillary: We Can't Let Gun Control Opponents Hold an Opinion That "Terrorizes" America
Clinton goes on extraordinary anti-second amendment rant.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Study: Mass Shootings in America Not on the Rise
Despite public outcry and media coverage.
by Trey Sanchez

White House: Obama Prepared To Act ‘Unilaterally’ Again Using ‘Executive Authority’ On Guns
President Barack Obama is looking for new ways to act “administratively, unilaterally using his executive authority” to enact new gun control legislation.
by Sam Rolley
Santa Barbara Shooter Had Multiple Therapists
Alex continues with call from listeners responding to the incredible stabbing and shooting massacre perpetrated by Elliot Rodgers.
by Infowars.com

Obama Administration Choking Off Bank Lending to Gun Dealers
If frontal attacks on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms won’t work, the backdoor assault of Operation Choke Point just might.
by Bob Adelmann
Shock FedGov Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges
The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals may have just dealt a serious blow to the U.S. Constitution.
by Mac Slavo

Grassroots Militia: Citizens of Mexico Rediscover Their God Given Rights
It’s incredible what human beings will put up with before asserting themselves.
by Joshua Krause
Student Fights Back After Suspension Over Pro-Gun T-Shirt
Steve Watson | School claims shirt is “unsafe and disruptive”.

by Steve Watson

"Operation Choke Point" Raises Alarms
NRA ILA | Eventual targets include sellers of firearms and ammunition.


Watch: This Is What Happens When the Good Guy Has a Gun
Mac Slavo | The fact is that those who would do harm to innocent people will not go away.

by Mac Slavo

Armed Good Samaritan Comes to the Aid of Purse-snatching Victim
KHOU | Good Samaritan armed with a gun came to the rescue.


Concealed Carry Permits Gaining Popularity on Chicago’s North Shore as More Women and Seniors Join the Ranks
Chicago Tribune | More and more women, as well as seniors, attending Illinois State Firearm Safety and Concealed Carry classes.

by Chicago Tribune

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USA Today | A record surge in recent firearms production and transactions have swamped the federal government’s automated registration system for select weapons, including machine guns.


Georgia Governor Signs Unprecedented “Guns Everywhere” Bill
Mac Slavo | The State of Georgia has just signed an unprecedented new law.

by Mac Slavo

Utah Sheriff Trains Teachers to Carry Concealed
Adan Salazar | “..I feel like we’re making Weber County Schools the safest schools in Utah”

by Adan Salazar

Pro-gun activists hijack Bloomberg’s new anti-gun Facebook page
BizPac Review | File this under the early bird gets the worm.

by BizPac Review