Homeowner Shoots Home Invader Holding Gun To Woman’s Neck
A suspect in an armed home invasion is dead after he was confronted by an armed homeowner.
Gun Control Advocate Urges Kids to Inform on Parents, Turn in Their Firearms
“Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Another Positive Gun Story You Won't See on the National Media
14-year-old protects grandmother by shooting intruder dead.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Watch What Happened When Two Thugs Started a Gunfight With a 74-Year-Old Woman
Neighbor blames store owner for defending herself against robbers.
by Paul Joseph Watson

“$38 Billion Reasons” 2nd Amendment is Crumbling: Bloomberg Targets 12 More States with Gun Control
State by state encroachments of the 2nd Amendment are on the move.
by Mac Slavo
Reporter: "All Hell Is About To Break Loose!"
Guns and ammo fly off the shelves.
by Infowars.com

Gallup: Less Than 50% Support For Stricter Gun Laws In America
Close to a historical low.
by Steve Watson
Libel or free speech? Woman posts sign ‘outing’ neighbor for owning a gun
Some anti-gun activists are worried about the safety of everyone but gun owners.
by Carmine Sabia

Disarming law: Californians gain right to have relatives’ guns confiscated
Under a new California law, families can ask police to confiscate lawfully-owned weapons from close relatives.
by RT
Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff
There might be two beheadings to report without the Second Amendment.
by Caleb Howe 

Bloomberg can’t find enough anti-gun candidates to support
Everytown for Gun Safety midterm elections endorsement list heavy on ‘safe’ Democrats.
by David Sherfinski
DC City Council members decry having to follow constitution
“Who cares about the confidentiality of a gun owner?” Councilwoman Yvette Alexander said. “We don’t want it.”
by Stephen Gutowski

Disarmed: Texas Governor Rick Perry Loses Right To Carry Firearm
The right to bear arms shall not be infringed?
by Mac Slavo
Police stand-down response during riots shows need for citizens to arm themselves
Frustrated citizens and area shop owners have taken up arms to defend themselves and their businesses from looters.
by BizPacReview