Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to 'Train Parents'
Vaccine proponent acknowledges shots in first year of infant’s life are pointless.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Fluoride: The Nasty Surprise Lurking in Your Tap Water
Fluoride: The Nasty Surprise Lurking in Your Tap Water.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Pentagon names military bases as Ebola troop quarantine sites
The Pentagon said Friday it has designated five military bases inside the U.S. and two in Europe as quarantine areas.
by Travis J. Tritten
DARPA biotech division seeks ideas to solve Ebola crisis, prepare for ‘next thing’
DARPA has announced a tender for innovative research proposals of interest to the Biological Technologies Office (BTO).
by RT

Obama Caught Ordering Press to Cover Up Ebola
Pharmacologist reveals how press has bowed to government demand to keep Americans in the dark.
by Paul Joseph Watson
America's school kids now under psychiatric surveillance
The Obama administration has recently given the psychiatric business and pharmaceutical industry a major gift.
by MassPrivateI

Poll: 71% Back Mandatory Ebola Quarantine In US
Rand Paul: Libertarian in me “horrified” at government-enforced detention.
by Steve Watson
CDC to Purchase 1.4 Million Surgical Gowns As Ebola Concerns Grow
Federal agency preparing to deal with new cases of virus.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Ebola outbreak: Australia Shuts Borders While US 'Works On New Guidelines'
Aussies freeze visas from West Africa, meanwhile CDC calls for voluntary quarantine.
by Steve Watson
Released Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox Works For CDC…Her Lawyer Is A White House Visitor
The lawyer who helped earn her release is a recent White House state dinner guest.
by Daily Caller

Top Official Contradicts Obama; You Can Catch Ebola From Bus Sweat
Methods of transmission “include perspiration.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

CDC Finally Admits that Ebola Can Float through the Air … 3 Feet
Frontline Healthcare Workers Must Protect Themselves from Aerosol Transmission of Ebola.
by Washington's Blog
Obama: Ebola is a "Trial Run" For a Deadlier Airborne Disease
President’s comments raise eyebrows.
by Paul Joseph Watson

No mandatory Ebola quarantine for health workers coming to Washington area
Public health officials in the District, Maryland and Virginia will not impose a mandatory 21-day quarantine on medical workers.
by Washington Post
U.S. diplomat travels to West Africa as Ebola quarantine moves take hold
Samantha Power, a member of President Barack Obama’s cabinet, left Washington on Saturday bound for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.
by Reuters