Krauthammer: 'Impeachable Offense'
Charles Krauthammer said on Fox News tonight that amnesty via executive order is an “impeachable offense.”
by Weekly Standard
Gruber Admits Obama Was in Room When Cadillac Tax Lie Created
What Jonathan Gruber is taking heat for right now, was planned out specifically with Barack Obama.
by Jim Hoft

Gruber’s goobers: Obamacare deception
Everybody knows Jonathan Gruber now. He was a consultant who helped frame the Obamacare law.
by Jon Rappoport
Immunologist Admits Babies Only Vaccinated to 'Train Parents'
Vaccine proponent acknowledges shots in first year of infant’s life are pointless.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obamacare Architect: "Lack of Transparency" Was Key to Fooling 'Stupid Americans'
Johnathan Gruber admits deception on Affordable Health Care Act vital to getting bill passed.
by Paul Joseph Watson
U.S. State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits
Bulk purchase prompts concerns about spread of deadly epidemic.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Experts: Ebola Could Go Airborne, Kill Millions
Doctors confirm what Infowars first reported last month.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Virologist: 'It's Too Late, Ebola Will Kill 5 Million'
Expert says virus will infect entire population of African countries.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Should Apologize For Treating Military Veterans Like Garbage For The Past 5 Years
This VA scandal is nothing new. The problems at the VA hospitals have been documented over and over again for years.
by Michael Snyder
EXPERT: Obamacare In Place For American Bio-Surveillance
Alex is joined by president and co-founder of Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom, Twila Brase.

The Future Of Socialized Healthcare: “There Is No Better Predictor Than The VA System”
It was just a couple of months ago that President Obama declared a victory in the battle for affordable health care.
by Mac Slavo
VA Supervisor: Older Veterans Should be "Shot in the Head" to Save Money
Exclusive: Whistleblower reveals new Veterans Affairs scandal.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Default Image | Recently the Daily Caller has been covering the new taxes that are coming online and will burden state government Medicaid programs to the tune of 37 billion dollars over the next decade.


Report: One Obamacare Tax Could Cost Up To 286,000 Jobs
Daily Caller | Just one of Obamacare’s many taxes could cost the U.S. hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next decade.

by Daily Caller

Default Image | ‘This thing is working,” President Obama instructed the other day, and liberals got the message to ignore ObamaCare’s ongoing dysfunctions.


Oregon Panel Recommends Moving to Federal Health Care Exchange
Fox News | Move comes nearly seven months after Oregon’s online system was supposed to go live, but never did so completely.

by Fox News