Police Using Social Media Posts to Determine "Threat Score" of Suspects
“Offensive” online comments could earn you a “red rating”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Zuckerberg Lauds Socialism With China's Internet Censorship Czar
Facebook CEO’s visit with Lu Wei “hypocritical and absurd”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Obama Official Meets With Chinese Internet Censorship Czar
State Department Under Secretary urges “co-operation” with figure who implemented prison sentences for online government critics.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Bizarre ISIS Tweets To Ferguson Protesters: "Hey Blacks, ISIS Will Save You"
Terror group encouraging racial divide in US with use of #Ferguson and #MichaelBrown tags.
by Steve Watson

Google chief on NSA: 'We're going to end up breaking the Internet'
The integrity of the Internet could be at risk if Congress does not act to rein in the National Security Agency, Google head Eric Schmidt warned on Wednesday.
by Julian Hattem
PR Firm Pulls 'Emma Watson Naked Pics' False Flag to Push For Internet Censorship
Company blamed threats on 4chan users before admitting stunt.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The Worst Trolls On The Internet Are The Government Trolls
We have all run into them.
by Michael Snyder
Meet CISA – Dianne Feinstein’s Latest Attack on Privacy, Civil Liberties and the Internet
There’s not much good you can count on Congress to accomplish.
by Michael Krieger

The Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered
10 ways web freedom is being butchered worldwide.
by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Petitions to Remove FCC Chair And Restore Net Neutrality Entered
Adan Salazar | Tens of thousands sign petitions concerned about the further corporatization of the Internet.

by Adan Salazar

EU Court Backs 'right to be forgotten' in Google Case
BBC | Google called the ruling “disappointing”.

by BBC

Internet Citizens: Defend Net Neutrality
Youtube | Creating “internet fast lanes” would give cable providers the ability to regulate the flow of information.


Obama Administration Launches Plan to Make an “Internet ID” a Reality
Mike Krieger | It appears the status quo may be finally making its moves to getting control over the heretofore free and open internet.

by Mike Krieger

White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users
Paul Joseph Watson | Government moves to create “identity ecosystem”.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Still Use Internet Explorer? Don’t
Market Watch | What you need to know about the latest Internet security threat.

by Market Watch

'Hate Crime Reporting Act' a "Dangerous" Threat to Free Speech
Paul Joseph Watson | Boston Herald editorial labels bill a “frankly chilling proposition”.

by Paul Joseph Watson