FREEDOM!!! UK Cops Arrest Man Over Joke Tweet
Threaten Everyone Else, Vow To Monitor Social Media.
by Steve Watson
Twitter Bans #WomenAgainstFeminism Founder For Saying Christmas is NOT Oppressive To Women
Account erased for quoting radical feminist’s own words.
by Steve Watson

Sony Hack is Almost Certainly an Inside Job
Obama administration to blame North Korea and its allies with zero evidence whatsoever.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Sony Hack Reinvigorates Support for Privacy-Busting CISPA-Style Legislation
White House, lawmakers exploit crisis to push for draconian data powers.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Sony Hack: What They're Not Telling You
Who is really responsible and what’s the agenda?
by Paul Joseph Watson
Police Using Social Media Posts to Determine "Threat Score" of Suspects
“Offensive” online comments could earn you a “red rating”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Zuckerberg Lauds Socialism With China's Internet Censorship Czar
Facebook CEO’s visit with Lu Wei “hypocritical and absurd”.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Obama Official Meets With Chinese Internet Censorship Czar
State Department Under Secretary urges “co-operation” with figure who implemented prison sentences for online government critics.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The UK's Internet Filters Block Almost 1 in 5 Websites
20 percent blocked by filters.
by Joseph Cox
Google Has Received 250,000 Article Removal Requests as Internet Censorship Takes Off in Europe
While the internet is an amazing tool for communication and free speech, we must also be aware of how it can be abused.
by Michael Krieger

BBC Reporter: Google Moving to "Suppress Legitimate Journalism"
“Right to be forgotten” ruling threatens to “curb freedom of expression.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
U.S. Military Blocks
Website censored for over 700,000 active duty servicemembers worldwide.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Wikipedia To Become Government Mouthpiece
With Wikipedia teaming up with the Feds, there are concerns that the National Archives will be doing more redacting than editing on the site.
The Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered
10 ways web freedom is being butchered worldwide.
by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Petitions to Remove FCC Chair And Restore Net Neutrality Entered
Adan Salazar | Tens of thousands sign petitions concerned about the further corporatization of the Internet.

by Adan Salazar

EU Court Backs 'right to be forgotten' in Google Case
BBC | Google called the ruling “disappointing”.

by BBC