Net Neutrality Is a Trojan Horse Virus Infecting the Internet
In this case the antidote is worse than the poison
by New American
Hoax? Bizarre Satanic Rituals Described by Children
“So we kill the baby and eat it and drink its blood”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Meet the 77th Battalion – The British Army is Mobilizing 1,500 “Facebook Warriors” to Spread Disinformation
The British Army will revive one of the most contentious special forces units of the second world war.
by Michael Krieger 
Malaysia Airlines website targeted by hacker group 'Cyber Caliphate'
A group calling itself “Official Cyber Caliphate” said it hacked on Monday the official website of national carrier Malaysia Airlines.
by Reuters

Facebook Censorship: What They're Not Telling You
It’s not just about ‘fake news stories’.
by Paul Joseph Watson
ISIS Hack of Pentagon Twitter Accounts Traced Back to Maryland
NSA implicated in latest cybersecurity scare?
by Paul Joseph Watson

FREEDOM!!! UK Cops Arrest Man Over Joke Tweet
Threaten Everyone Else, Vow To Monitor Social Media.
by Steve Watson
Twitter Bans #WomenAgainstFeminism Founder For Saying Christmas is NOT Oppressive To Women
Account erased for quoting radical feminist’s own words.
by Steve Watson

The Worst Trolls On The Internet Are The Government Trolls
We have all run into them.
by Michael Snyder
Meet CISA – Dianne Feinstein’s Latest Attack on Privacy, Civil Liberties and the Internet
There’s not much good you can count on Congress to accomplish.
by Michael Krieger

U.S. Govt. Editing Wikipedia to Smear Independent Media Personalities?
Entry from IP traced to U.S. House of Representatives describes Alex Jones as ‘Kremlin disinformation agent’.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Eglin Air Force Base Busted Gaming Reddit
Evidence of Web Manipulation By a Specific Military Installation.
by Washington's Blog

Dozens More Military Programs To Control Social Media Revealed
Controversial Facebook study is just tip of an iceberg.
by Steve Watson
Feds Hijack Silk Road Case in Bid to Dismantle Internet Freedom
Government in chilling trojan horse effort to regulate world wide web.
by Paul Joseph Watson

The UK's Internet Filters Block Almost 1 in 5 Websites
20 percent blocked by filters.
by Joseph Cox
Google Has Received 250,000 Article Removal Requests as Internet Censorship Takes Off in Europe
While the internet is an amazing tool for communication and free speech, we must also be aware of how it can be abused.
by Michael Krieger