Obama Administration Launches Plan to Make an “Internet ID” a Reality
Mike Krieger | It appears the status quo may be finally making its moves to getting control over the heretofore free and open internet.

by Mike Krieger

White House Wants Chinese-Style ID System For Internet Users
Paul Joseph Watson | Government moves to create “identity ecosystem”.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Still Use Internet Explorer? Don’t
Market Watch | What you need to know about the latest Internet security threat.

by Market Watch

'Hate Crime Reporting Act' a "Dangerous" Threat to Free Speech
Paul Joseph Watson | Boston Herald editorial labels bill a “frankly chilling proposition”.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Saudi to Regulate Homegrown YouTube Shows
Al Arabiya | Authority plans to issue guidelines for local companies that screen YouTube channels.

by Al Arabiya

Newly released Clinton document describes Internet as ‘right wing’ tool of ‘conspiracy commerce’
Daily Caller | The 1995 report, titled “The Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce,” describes the Internet as a new method of communication ”employed by the right wing”.

by Daily Caller

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Paul Joseph Watson | U.S. government was responsible for creating previous viruses.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Facebook Accused of 'Astroturfing' Reddit to Silence Criticism
Paul Joseph Watson | Did company hire web trolls to game comments after Oculus purchase?

by Paul Joseph Watson

Court Orders Google, Microsoft & Yahoo to Make Pirate Sites Disappear
Torrent Freak | Court of Paris orders Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to completely de-list 16 video streaming sites from search results.

by Torrent Freak

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Reuters | The U.S. government took the HealthCare.gov site offline for an unusually long maintenance period into Saturday morning.

by Reuters

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Information Week | Leaked document details NSA’s “implants,” satellite intercepts, joint CIA eavesdropping operations…

by Information Week

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CBS Los Angeles | Growing prominence of cars controlled by dozens of computers leading researchers to question their vulnerability.

by CBS Los Angeles

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The Hill | Facebook CEO and other top Silicon Valley execs joined together to urge lawmakers to press ahead with fixing immigration system.

by The Hill

America's Plan to Kill Online Privacy Rights Everywhere
Foreign Policy | The tyrants move to suppress anonymous free speech.

by Foreign Policy

Homeland Security Ordered to Disclose ‘Internet Kill Switch’
Epoch Times | U.S. court gives DHS 30 days to explain plans for a rumored “Internet kill switch” that could shut down communications in a crisis.

by Epoch Times

Sick Sandy Hook 'Game' Lets You Shoot Kids, Then Preaches On Gun Control
Steve Watson | Victim’s relative: “It’s absolutely disgusting that somebody thinks this is funny”.

by Steve Watson