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WTNH | A mix of primary care and specialty doctors are affected by it. And it comes at a questionable time.


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CBS News | As a workaround, some people are going directly to insurance companies to find out about plans.

by CBS News

Grand Canyon Park Police Arrest Visitors - Protestors Rally
Julie Wilson | Park police now patrolling the canyon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

by Julie Wilson

Once you get into the Obamacare website, you can't get out
Politico | Privacy and tech experts had mixed reactions to the “delete” gap.

by Politico

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The Gazette | Nine months of treatments made him violently ill, his mother said, causing him to vomit 30 to 50 times a day.

by The Gazette

Gov't Shutdown Denies Military Families Money for Funerals
Julie Wilson | DoD failed to notify Congress that they were refusing military families death benefits.

by Julie Wilson

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LA Times | “There would be work,” said Geronimo Magaña, 55. “That’s the main point.”

by LA Times

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Planet Infowars | Last summer, Holder was cited with “contempt of Congress” for failing to turn over subpoenaed DOJ documents related to the botched gunrunning program.

by Planet Infowars

Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to 'Free Health Care'
Weekly Standard | It may be that community health centers will still offer free care to some, but visitors to will no longer be made aware of the option.

by Weekly Standard

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ZDNet | France’s data protection watchdog is pressing ahead with plans to fine Google for failing to adjust its new privacy policy.

by ZDNet

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KOB News | Missouri’s lieutenant governor urged residents to refuse to sign up for federal health insurance.

by KOB News

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Washington Examiner | “You could appoint one today and meet tomorrow and hash out the differences.”

by Washington Examiner

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AZ Central | The nation’s health-care law shifts from the political to the personal this week.

by AZ Central

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National Review | McCarthy said there are “a lot of items on the table” in discussions about which provision to add to an otherwise clean CR.

by National Review

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WFTV | The bill would exempt someone from Florida’s “10-20-Life” law if they show their gun or fires a warning shot at an attacker.


Default Image | This is also not the first time Reid has thrown around the threat of a government shutdown.