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CBS News | As a workaround, some people are going directly to insurance companies to find out about plans.

by CBS News

Grand Canyon Park Police Arrest Visitors - Protestors Rally
Julie Wilson | Park police now patrolling the canyon 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

by Julie Wilson

Once you get into the Obamacare website, you can't get out
Politico | Privacy and tech experts had mixed reactions to the “delete” gap.

by Politico

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The Gazette | Nine months of treatments made him violently ill, his mother said, causing him to vomit 30 to 50 times a day.

by The Gazette

Gov't Shutdown Denies Military Families Money for Funerals
Julie Wilson | DoD failed to notify Congress that they were refusing military families death benefits.

by Julie Wilson

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LA Times | “There would be work,” said Geronimo Magaña, 55. “That’s the main point.”

by LA Times

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Planet Infowars | Last summer, Holder was cited with “contempt of Congress” for failing to turn over subpoenaed DOJ documents related to the botched gunrunning program.

by Planet Infowars

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Fox News | The House has voted to fund the National Institutes of Health, National Guard, National Park Service and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

by Fox News

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ZDNet | France’s data protection watchdog is pressing ahead with plans to fine Google for failing to adjust its new privacy policy.

by ZDNet

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KOB News | Missouri’s lieutenant governor urged residents to refuse to sign up for federal health insurance.

by KOB News

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Washington Examiner | “You could appoint one today and meet tomorrow and hash out the differences.”

by Washington Examiner

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AZ Central | The nation’s health-care law shifts from the political to the personal this week.

by AZ Central

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National Review | McCarthy said there are “a lot of items on the table” in discussions about which provision to add to an otherwise clean CR.

by National Review

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WFTV | The bill would exempt someone from Florida’s “10-20-Life” law if they show their gun or fires a warning shot at an attacker.


Default Image | This is also not the first time Reid has thrown around the threat of a government shutdown.


Bloomberg Poll Shows Americans Waking Up to Government Fraud
Julie Wilson | 68 percent of Americans believe the nation is “on the wrong track,” however it’s likely far higher than that.

by Julie Wilson