Greenwald Slams ‘Neutered And Impotent And Obsolete’ Media
Steve Watson | Calls out ‘Pro government’ reporters; ‘actors who play the role of journalists on TV’.

by Steve Watson

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Lee Ann McAdoo | According to some universities they feel that it is offensive to Latin Americans.

by Lee Ann McAdoo

The World According to TIME Magazine
Tony Cartalucci | TIME Magazine echos Wall Street and Washington – so when it speaks, readers must listen in that context.

by Tony Cartalucci

Why Is The Media Silent About The Crucifixion Of Christians By Radical Jihadists?
Michael Snyder | It is not newsworthy at all according to the media.

by Michael Snyder

Fed-up freshman’s ‘white privilege’ essay goes viral: ‘I apologize for nothing’
BizPac Review | A freshman at Princeton University wrote an epic rebuttal to the numerous occasions that he’s been told to “check your privilege.”

by BizPac Review

Globalist Tool Glenn Beck Sells Out Humanity | Glenn Beck refers to himself as the only source for truth news. That is, if you like getting your news straight from the White House, CIA and Council on Foreign Relations.


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Darrin McBreen | The Rev. Al Sharpton, the ambulance chasing civil rights careerist, race baiter and MSNBC fixture, served his government as an FBI informant.

by Darrin McBreen

Unedited Video Shows Bundy Making Pro-Black, Pro-Mexican Comments
Paul Joseph Watson | Media censors footage to spin remarks as racist.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Media War: The Battle for Crimea
Tony Cartalucci | The Western media’s myth mill is working overtime to gain ground lost to Russia.

by Tony Cartalucci

Media’s Reporting on Ukraine as Terrible as It Was on Iraq
Washington’s Blog | After Giving Mea Culpas for Horrible Iraq Coverage, Media Does the Exact Same Thing On Ukraine.

by Washington's Blog

The Western Media Is A Lie Factory
Paul Craig Roberts | Someone is lying to us. Is it the New York Times and the Guardian, or is it Julie Hyland?

by Paul Craig Roberts

CBS Journalist Resigns After Being Pressured Over 'Anti-Obama' Reporting
Paul Joseph Watson | But don’t expect a Liz Wahl-style media circus.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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Paul Joseph Watson | Ex-RT host Liz Wahl is not “brave” or “courageous.” Her resignation reeks of hypocrisy.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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Zero Hedge | “But when someone makes a big public show of a personal decision, it is nothing more than a self-promotional stunt.”

by Zero Hedge

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Tony Cartlucci | The Western media can now finally recuperate some of its lost legitimacy.

by Tony Cartlucci

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Steve Watson | Former congressman says “It’s a mess”.

by Steve Watson