In The West Respect for Truth No Longer Exists
The Western media comprises either a collection of ignorant and incompetent fools or a whorehouse that sells war for money.
by Paul Craig Roberts
AP Conspires With U.S. Government to "Spoil" Snowden 2.0 Revelations
Alarming example of how state works with mainstream media to justify its malfeasance.
by Paul Joseph Watson

U.S. Health Authorities Concealing Number of Suspected Ebola Victims From Public
CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta: At least 6 tested for Ebola in NYC.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Rand Paul Slams "Partisan Cranks And Hacks" At MSNBC Following Terse Interview
Senator: “apologize for all the lousy lies you’ve been saying about me for four years”.
by Steve Watson

Daily Beast Labels Alex Jones "Moon Landing Denier"
Media outlet uses guilt by association in an effort to smear Rand Paul.
by Paul Joseph Watson
The New Republic Is Queen of the Presstitutes
What the West reports are unsubstantiated accusations and insinuations and misrepresentations.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Pentagon Correspondent for the New York Times Refers to American Citizens as “Children”
We have mediocre, control-freak bureaucrats in the mainstream media and government who see themselves as our parents.
by Michael Krieger
Drudge Talks Immigration, The News Business, And Gridlock In Rare Interview
The news business is in a “vibrant era”.
by Chuck Ross

Media Portrays Freedom Lovers As Racist
Alex Jones breaks down how he predicted this type of event was coming and how when something happened, the mainstream media would blame him and patriots.
Stephen A. Smith strikes back at ‘Uncle Tom’ charges after defending Mark Cuban
Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith stood by his defense of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s statements on bigotry on Friday.
by Kellan Howell

Glenn Beck, Stop Lying
Alex Jones defends himself against the false accusations made about him by Glenn Beck and other news organizations.
Huffington Post Suggests Talking About Media Ownership is Anti-Semitic
Asserting that the corporate press is owned by powerful people has anti-Jewish “undertones”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Is The Mainstream Media Dying?
Ratings at CNN, MSNBC and Fox News have all been plummeting in recent years.
by Michael Snyder
Leaked New York Times Memo Admits MSM Being Made Redundant by New Media
Paul Joseph Watson | But report ignores the elephant in the living room.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Greenwald Slams ‘Neutered And Impotent And Obsolete’ Media
Steve Watson | Calls out ‘Pro government’ reporters; ‘actors who play the role of journalists on TV’.

by Steve Watson

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Lee Ann McAdoo | According to some universities they feel that it is offensive to Latin Americans.

by Lee Ann McAdoo