Genetic Engineering Actually INCREASES Pesticide Use
Washington’s Blog | GE crops haveled to a 25% increase in herbicide use.

by Washington's Blog

Hawaii Bans GMO Biotech – Citizens Cheer in Excitement
Christina Sarich | Hawaii is a unique place.

by Christina Sarich

Supreme Court hands Monsanto victory over farmers on GMO seed patents, ability to sue
RT | The US Supreme Court upheld biotech giant Monsanto’s claims on genetically-engineered seed patents.

by RT

1400% Radiation Hot Spot Found on San Francisco Beach
Paul Joseph Watson | Experts say no link to Fukushima.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Has Fukushima's Radioactive Wave Already Hit California?
Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | Health officials confirm spike in radiation on San Francisco beach but have no answers.

by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines
Michael Snyder | We are slowly killing ourselves by what we eat and drink.

by Michael Snyder

Voters Support Marijuana While Feds Continue Costly Raids
Elizabeth Renter | Less than a month ago, citizens in several cities voted to legalize recreational marijuana possession.

by Elizabeth Renter

Default Image | Alex Jones and Anthony Gucciardi counter the establishments attack on vitamins and health suppliments.


Default Image
AOL | Blood and imaging tests showed the cancer is gone.

by AOL

Dozens of People Hospitalized in Las Vegas with Mystery Illness | Mystery disease shows flu-like symptoms, including vomiting.


Canada approves production of GM salmon eggs on commercial scale
The Guardian | Canada has given the go-ahead to commercial production of genetically modified salmon eggs.

by The Guardian

Desperate measures: Greeks self-inflict HIV to get €700 benefits
RT | Grim health implications from Europe’s economic crisis.

by RT

Expert Calls for Calm as France hit by Cancer Vaccine Scare
AFP | “The fact that a complaint has been made does not mean there is a problem.”

by AFP

“Frankenstein” organs proposed for human enhancement
Bio Edge | 3D-printed organs utilizing advantageous features of rattlesnakes, leeches, and electric eels.

by Bio Edge

Common chemicals destroying humanity, suggests prominent journalist
Jonathan Benson | They are literally all around us, yet most people are unaware of their invasive presence.

by Jonathan Benson

Feds raid Denver-area marijuana dispensaries, grow operations, 2 homes
Denver Post | Federal authorities on Thursday raided more than a dozen Denver metro area marijuana facilities and two homes.

by Denver Post