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Paul Joseph Watson | Numerous previous cases of mothers on SSRI drugs killing their own children.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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Washington’s Blog | Took Screenshots of Whistleblowers’ Computers Every 7 Seconds for YEARS.

by Washington's Blog

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NextGov | The Food and Drug Administration is looking for a contractor to monitor social media chatter about the drugs and other products it regulates.

by NextGov

Kansas Lawmakers Mull Anti-Fluoride Bill
Adan Salazar | City governments would be required to inform populations that fluoride may harm IQ.

by Adan Salazar

19 Statistics About The Drugging Of America That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
Michael Snyder | The American people are the most drugged people in the history of the planet.

by Michael Snyder

Default Image | Flu season is underway, and vaccines are being pushed as the only safe choice.


Soft Killing The American People Using Toxic Food, Toxic Water And Toxic Vaccines
Michael Snyder | We are slowly killing ourselves by what we eat and drink.

by Michael Snyder

WHO: Cancer risk rising around the world; Western medicine failing globally
Natural News | The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued dire new predictions about the spread of cancer throughout the world that prove the Western model of medicine to be a complete failure.

by Natural News

Nurse Suspended For Calling Anti-Vaccine Family's Baby a “Loser!”
Adan Salazar | Nurse’s note cast judgement on non-vaccinated child.

by Adan Salazar

HHS Computers Take Control Away From Doctors
David R. Jones | 90-year-old woman put on diabetes medication when she didn’t have diabetes.

by David R. Jones

Surge in ADHD diagnoses gets a red flag
AFP | Some children may be needlessly taking powerful drugs.

by AFP

Black women targeted with eugenics drug, a deadly carcinogen offered as a 'contraceptive'
Natural News | This warning clearly states that women who receive Depo-Provera could develop significant and irreversible bone mineral density loss, for instance.

by Natural News

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CBS News | The first ART birth took place in 1978, using IVF.

by CBS News

Magic Trick: Promoting Diseases that Don't Exist
Jon Rappoport | How can drug companies justify making flu drugs and vaccines when most “flu cases” don’t have the flu? Fake it.

by Jon Rappoport

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ABC News | Hospital staff didn’t realize the infected woman had tuberculosis until after she and one of the twins died and they performed an autopsy.

by ABC News

Medical insanity: Prozac prescriptions rise sharply in family pets
Jonathan Benson | The culture of prescription drug addiction in America seems to be spreading to the pet population.

by Jonathan Benson