NYPD Cops Assault YouTuber For Dancing in the Street
Harmless prank turns into bitter encounter.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Los Angeles on Tactical Alert After Two People Fire at Patrol Car
The Los Angeles Police Department has declared a tactical alert in the city after two people fired at a patrol car with a rifle.
by Sputnik

Ferguson Protesters Celebrate Christmas By Singing ‘Deck The Halls With Rows of Dead Cops’
Ferguson protesters spent the weekend after Christmas chanting “Deck The Halls With Rows of Dead Cops”.
Berkeley Shooting Again Highlights Buried Issue of Violence Within Black Community
Despite making up just 13% of population, blacks commit over half of homicides.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Riots Near Ferguson After Cops Shoot Black Teen Who Pointed Handgun
Chaos outside gas station as protesters throw fireworks at police.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Police shoot & kill armed black teen in St. Louis area - police confirm
The incident was followed by protesters clashing with police at the scene, accompanied by the sound of loud bangs.
by RT

Rand Paul Plans Bill To End Police Militarization
Presidential hopeful will target Pentagon transfers of weapons and vehicles to cops.
by Steve Watson
FBI To Train 30,000 Officers For Active Shooter Situations At Stadiums, Businesses, Schools
The FBI will hold active shooter training drills at sports stadiums.
by Chuck Ross

Black Helicopters Descend on Dallas For Special Forces Drill
Choppers rattle windows, drown out sound of TVs.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Spokane Police Department Faces Protest Over Sheriff Deputy's Shocking Comments
Officer defended use of MRAP, saying it was needed to deal with “constitutionalists”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Police Using Social Media Posts to Determine "Threat Score" of Suspects
“Offensive” online comments could earn you a “red rating”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Man Speeds to Hospital for Asthma Attack, Police Stop Him and Won’t Let Him Go — He Dies
Instead of escorting him to the hospital so that his life could be saved, police detained him for nearly 10 minutes.
by Filming Cops
Georgia Man Killed in Drug Raid Was Face Down When Shot in Head, Says Family's Lawyer
“One was to the side of the head, the other, was in his back, the back of his left shoulder.”
by Anthony L. Fisher

Buffalo Cop Suspended Without Pay for Beating Caught on Camera
Caught on video beating a man with his nightstick, ordering him to stand up, but beating him when he tried.
by Carlos Miller
Undercover Cops Attempt to Incite Looting, Pull Gun On #ICan'tBreathe Protesters
Oakland demonstrators expose officers in tense stand off.
by Steve Watson