Man Arrested For Filming Militarized Police Raid
“You go inside right now….it’s a lawful order….go inside right now.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Aggressive police take hundreds of millions of dollars from motorists not charged with crimes
Local officers, county deputies and state troopers were encouraged to act more aggressively.
by Washington Post

Video: Man Stands Up For Constitution As Cop "Detains" Him For Sitting Outside His Own House
“He’ll probably leave now, because this is America.”
by Steve Watson

Journalist Arrested For Photographing NATO Security Barriers
“Open air prison” installed for global summit in Wales.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Reporter Groped as ISIS Storms Open US Border
Infowars reporter Joe Biggs is groped by the TSA while heading to El Paso.

Whistleblower Claims He Was Set Up in Retaliation For Criticizing Obama
Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jim Garrow arrested after illegal gun ‘planted’ at his home.
by Paul Joseph Watson
U.S. Army Plans to Battle Anti-Government Dissidents in "Megacities"
Future operations will neutralize groups which ‘undermine the authority of the state’.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Police militarizing with few checks on power, expert says
‘Does this community that hasn’t had a murder in ten years need an armored personnel carrier?’
by Phillip Swarts
Obama orders review of military equipment supplied to police
Obama ordered the review of federal programs that provide military equipment to local law enforcement amid criticism of police tactics in Ferguson, Mo.
by Mario Trujillo

When ‘Anti-Government’ Violence Erupts, Who Is Really At Fault?
The reality is that establishment cronies know all too well why Americans are angered to the point of taking up arms.
by Brandon Smith Alt Market
Ferguson: No Justice in the American Police State
American police kill 500 or more Americans every year.
by Paul Craig Roberts

Video: Government Backs Down As National Guard Leaves Ferguson
After intense backlash, Missouri government officials are now ordering the National Guard to pull back.
New Bill In Congress Would Ban Private Citizens From Owning Body Armor
Private citizens all over the entire nation would be permanently banned from owning body armor.
by Michael Snyder

Policeman Suspended For Pointing A Rifle At A Peaceful Protester In Missouri
Suspended indefinitely for pointing a semi-automatic assault rifle at a peaceful demonstrator.
by Carey Gillam
Report: Spec Ops Contractors To Missouri: “Never Guessed We Would Deploy A High Threat Team In Our Own City”
The events in Ferguson, Missouri are a harbinger of things to come.
by Mac Slavo