Drudge on Baltimore Riots: 'America Could Fall'
Chaos continues as authorities accused of failing to deal with unrest.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Are The Baltimore Riots Being Manipulated?
Is it possible that there are people out there that are attempting to inflame the Baltimore riots for their own twisted purposes?
by Michael Snyder

This is a REAL Commercial from AARP: “Riots Nationwide Have Prompted The Government To Declare Martial Law”
The bizarre world of militarization and propaganda just got a little bit more crazy – and spooky.
by Mac Slavo
Maddow: The Baltimore Police Are 'A Little Bit Out Of Control'
And She Tries To Get Sun Reporter Erica Green To Agree.
by Truth Revolt

Baltimore Riots: Stores Looted & Burned, Cops Injured, National Guard Deployed
Areas of Baltimore are under siege for a third day as rioters battle with cops.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Grand Jury Clears Cops Who Shot Mentally Ill Man For Holding A Screwdriver
“He never leaves the front porch and he’s gunned down.”
by Steve Watson

Video: Cop Slams Woman Face-First Into Ground, Breaks Facial Bones, Smashes Teeth
Disturbing number of cases of cops ‘face planting’ people who resist.
by Steve Watson
New Video Shows Tennessee Cops & National Guard in Riot Control Exercise
Civil unrest training now taking place once a month.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Horrific Raw Video Shows Police Beating Man Into Oblivion — Now He’s Fighting Back
A horrific raw video has surfaced online showing police officers strangling an innocent man and pounding the man’s head over and over again.
by Filming Cops

Documents: National Guard Ordered To Consider Americans As 'Enemy Forces' And 'Adversaries'
Internal briefings read like a strategy for going to war.
by Steve Watson

Video: Armed National Guard Troops Patrol Residential Streets in California
Soldiers practice blocking traffic.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Research: Cops KILL THOUSANDS More Americans Than Terrorists
An estimated SIXTEEN THOUSAND Americans killed by police in past 15 years.
by Steve Watson

Even the 3rd Amendment is Dead: Police “Forcibly Occupied Home to Gain Tactical Advantage Against Suspect”
The extent of the police state is already vast and creeping ever closer to where you live.
by Mac Slavo
Children Beg State to Let Them Go Outside
CPS grabbing children from normal homes.
by Infowars.com