As Early as 2016, Robot Cops Will Be Patrolling Your Streets…….No, Seriously
By 2016, there will likely be a 6-foot tall police robot patrolling the streets and handing out parking tickets.
by Justin Gardner

Videos Released Of Cops Paralyzing Grandfather For Walking
Officer fired, arrested, faces charges of third-degree assault.
by Steve Watson
Officials in Missouri are SUING THEIR OWN RESIDENTS for Voting Against the Police State
St. Peters, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, and a councilman from O’Fallon have filed a lawsuit against their OWN CITIZENS.
by Matt Agorist

Indian Man Visits Family In Alabama, Cops Paralyze Him For Walking Around Neighborhood
Welcome to America… Now you’re paralyzed.
by Steve Watson
Cop Shoots Child For Standing Next To Another Child Holding A Toy Gun
Police: “No animus” was involved in the incident.
by Steve Watson

Court Rules Details of DHS Cellphone Service Kill Switch Can Remain Secret
Concern grows that federal agency is preparing to shut down communications during protests.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Shock Video: Police Execute Man With His Hands Up
Victim gunned down for refusing to comply.
by Paul Joseph Watson

New Machine-Gun Armed NYPD Unit Lumps Protesters in with Terrorists: “Civil disobedience an attack on NYC Itself”
The NYPD is reformulating its policing strategy, and creating a new unit.
by Mac Slavo
Cops Burst Into 11 Year Old Girl's Bedroom, Push Her To Floor At Gunpoint
Parents furious after officers respond to false burglary alarm with excessive force.
by Steve Watson

FBI Official: We Need to "Keep Fear Alive" to Justify Terror Budget
Former assistant director admits federal agency contrives terror threat for increased funding.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Video: Cop Goes Beserk, Hits Kids In The Face With Baton, Pepper Spray
Students charged with assault and suspended.
by Steve Watson

New York Cop Pulls Gun on Teens Having Snowball Fight
Fearing for his life, a New York cop pulled a gun on a group of teens having a snowball fight.

Cops Taser Family Man Again and Again, Up to 27 Times Until He Went Limp and Died
A left-behind family of a man killed by cops has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against San Bernardino County for excessive force.
by Filming Cops
The Police State Is Upon Us
Anyone paying attention knows that 9/11 has been used to create a police/warfare state.
by Paul Craig Roberts