| Austin was once again the site of touch and go flights of the Navy spy plane. Here are some past videos from last years low flying spy flights.

Michael Snyder | On Monday, a 4.4 magnitude earthquake threw the city of Los Angeles into a bit of a tizzy.

Paul Joseph Watson | Huge purchase linked to ongoing Fukushima crisis?

Washington Examiner | David John Marotta: “.. you are safer when your trusted neighbors have firearms.”

Michael Snyder | The wealthy are spending more to protect themselves from all the rest of us than ever before.

Planet Infowars | The Seleka took her money and gold and told her to leave and not come back.

Planet Infowars | I have been living as an expat for 9 years.

Q13 Fox | Are ready for the zombie apocalypse?

Natural News | It’s not just “fringe” types and end-of-the-world religious prognosticators.

CNET | Garrison Bespoke weaves nanotech into a snazzy suit that looks sharp and keeps bullets from getting through. | Taking control of your body’s chemistry through nutritional supplementation helps stave off disease.

Off Grid Survival | A glimpse at what this country will look like during a nationwide crisis. | Spokesman insists the impact on the ocean will be limited.

Planet Infowars | The reason money works is it rewards good deeds and punishes selfishness.

Mike Adams | We are republishing two important stories here (with links to original sources) that you need to read.

Mac Slavo | The rice, beans, wheat, and pasta you stockpile will still have the same exact intrinsic value a decade from now as they do today.

Washington Times | In case of attack, Congress has plans to relocate to military base. | Former Congressman Paul talks about last week’s huge gold dip. | If we do not learn from it, we are doomed to repeat it.

Mac Slavo | As the potential for a globally destabilizing event becomes ever more probable, many concerned Americans are starting to wonder where they’d go if the worst were to happen.

Business Insider | Faber: “My concern is that we are going to have a systemic crisis where it is going to be very difficult to hide.” | Measure also counters taxing gold or silver coins and bullion minted by the U.S. Government as property, since it is to be considered money. | Peter Schiff warns against complacency in a volatile, inflation- and debt-based economy. | Could the same fate await Americans?

Mac Slavo | None of it makes any sense. Unless the Chinese know something we haven’t been made privy to.

ABC News | Does a currency law technicality allow the Fed to print platinum coins of any denomination?

Zero Hedge | New study says “West Coast will get slammed with radioactive cesium starting in 2015.” | U.S. Mint’s sales of gold eagles leapt 131 percent in November. | Faulty map system sending drivers “off the beaten track.” | Dr. Joel Wallach joins Alex to discuss what the establishment pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to hear.

J.D. Heyes | Note to self – Don’t rely on the government. | According to the Washington Examiner, FEMA sold 886 prefabricated trailers since 2009.

Ron Paul | When government interferes with the price mechanism, economic calamity ensues.

Adan Salazar | First-hand accounts reveal squalid living conditions in NJ camps.

NY Post | Bad sign? | Generators should be used “more than 20 from your home, doors, and windows.”

CNBC | “…Sandy may help the Fed move closer to its economic goals with less QE than it otherwise might have employed.” | Joel Skousen sits down with Alex Jones and discusses strategies on how to prepare for and survive major disasters.

AFP | 18 months after the disaster, a study of fish in the area suggests there’s a “‘continuing source’ of radiation in the ocean.”

Melissa Melton | Unit briefed to ‘target preppers first’ during civil unrest after election. | Threats of rioting, chaos and death over the upcoming presidential election are racing across Facebook and Twitter.

Michael Hudson | Failure to take the wishes of voters into consideration leaves the resulting national debts on shaky ground politically and even legally. | TEPCO: “the problem was that preparations were not made in advance.”

Kurt Nimmo | Another effort to integrate “state, tribal and territorial partners” into FEMA’s continuity of government agenda.

Adan Salazar | It’s not about arming the masses; it’s about the liberation of information. | Study identified 74 reactors in the tsunami danger zone.

CNBC | Gold last rallied near $2,000 at a high of $1,900.30 last year in September.

Reuters| ‘Area storms left more than 108,000 households and businesses in Virginia without power,’ also left thousands powerless in New Jersey. | ‘Following news of the dismal employment picture, gold prices for December delivery surged $34.90 to $1,740.50 an ounce.’ | Senior global economist at HSBC: “This is another dampener for the global economy at a time when the headwinds are already acute.”

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