Suspended-animation trials to begin on humans
Knife- and gunshot-wound victims will be placed in suspended animation as the first human trials begin on this emergency life-saving technique.
by Michelle Starr
Scientists create bionic particles 'inspired by Terminator'
The particles, a blend of inorganic semiconductors and organic proteins, are designed not to advance a machine race but rather to create biofuels.
by Ben Beaumont-Thomas

Japan Begins Purposely Dumping 100s Of Tons Of Radioactive Water From Fukushima Into The Pacific
How do you get rid of hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water?
by Michael Snyder
The Era Of Chimeras: Scientists Fearlessly Create Bizarre Human/Animal Hybrids
Did you know that scientists are creating cow/human hybrids, pig/human hybrids and even mouse/human hybrids?
by Michael Snyder

Global warming research suppressed due to intolerance of scepticism, claims scientist
London Telegraph | A professor claims his paper questioning the speed of climate change was deliberately rejected for publication due to intolerance of views seen as “sceptical”.

by London Telegraph

MSM Pushes Doomsday Arctic Ice Sheet Propaganda
Paul Joseph Watson | Dubious prediction isn’t even expected for 1,000 years.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Transhumanists: Superhuman Powers & Life Extension Tech Will Allow Us To Become Like God
Michael Snyder | If you could merge your current mind and body with technology that would give you superhuman powers and would allow you to live forever, would you do it?

by Michael Snyder

Now The Military Is Going To Build Robots That Have Morals
Defense One | Are robots capable of moral or ethical reasoning?

by Defense One

Report: Research Facility “Loses” Thousands of Tubes Containing Deadly Virus
Mac Slavo | A French research institute working on various deadly viruses, including SARS, has apparently misplaced thousands of tubes and no one is quite sure where they went.

by Mac Slavo

Glass without the glasses: Google patents smart contact lens system with a CAMERA built in
UK Daily Mail | Google has patented a smart contact lens that could see its Glass wearable computer fit inside a smart lens.

by UK Daily Mail

Aspartame’s Name Changed to Amino Sweet: A Toxin By Another Name is Still a Toxin
Christina Sarich | Natural Society has been talking about the dangers of Aspartame for quite some time now.

by Christina Sarich

Japanese Researcher Stands By Her Disputed Stem Cell Discovery
Reuters | Author of study was accused of improperly altering images of DNA fragments used in research.

by Reuters

US Navy 'game-changer': Converting Seawater Into Fuel
AFP | US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades..

by AFP

Default Image | Starting in the 50s, the Army casually went about using troops to research the effects of various psychoactive elements on the human mind.


Scientists Assure Us That The Recent Earthquakes On The Ring Of Fire Are Not Related
Michael Snyder | So do you believe them?

by Michael Snyder

Default Image
Paul Joseph Watson | Viral video causes consternation.

by Paul Joseph Watson