Mysterious 'Fake' Cell Phone Towers Found Across America
Imposter towers discovered near U.S. Army bases.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Minnesotan man builds the world's first 3D printed concrete castle in his backyard
In Minnesota, contractor Andrey Rudenko is currently working on a project of gargantuan proportions.

Wall Street Admits That A Cyberattack Could Crash Our Banking System At Any Time
Wall Street banks are getting hit by cyber attacks every single minute of every single day.
by Michael Snyder

'Kill Switch' Smart Phone Bill Passes In California
All phones sold in the State will be mandated to integrate controversial technology.
by Steve Watson
School Plans To Tag Students With Microchip Bracelets To Encourage 'Good Behaviour'
Parents not even informed of proposal as teachers measure up wrists of children.
by Steve Watson

DARPA Wants New Technology to Predict "Societal Unrest"
U.S. Defense Department looks to track “all human activities that can be measured.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Apple Has Installed Security Backdoors on 600m iPhones and iPads, Claims Security Researcher
“There is no way to disable these mechanisms.”
by James Vincent

"Overwhelming Number" Of False Matches To Come From FBI Biometric Database
Iris scans, facial recognition technology not properly vetted, warn privacy groups.
by Steve Watson
Intel Developing "Kill Switch" For Laptops
Disturbing prospect given company’s link with NSA.
by Paul Joseph Watson

All New Android & Windows Phones Will Have 'Kill Switch'
New power could be used to stifle dissent.
by Paul Joseph Watson
"Riot Control" Drone To Shoot Pepper Spray Bullets At Protesters
Experts slam technology: “deeply disturbing,” “will maim and kill”.
by Steve Watson

Elon Musk: I'm Worried About A 'Terminator'-Like Scenario Erupting From Artificial Intelligence
Elon Musk believes it is feasible a ‘Terminator’ like scenario could erupt out of an artificial intelligence.
by Rob Wile
DARPA Brain Chips to Implant False Memories
Technology has the potential to create “fearless monsters.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

A Computer Has Reportedly Passed The Turing Test For The First Time
A computer program named “Eugene Goostman” has convinced a third of human judges into thinking it is a 13-year-old boy.
by Michael B. Kelley
Secret Service to Track Twitter Users in Real Time
Federal agency will use tool to “send notifications to users.”
by Paul Joseph Watson