Obama Wants to Now Fully Regulate the Internet as a Public Utility
There is perhaps no President who has done more to destroy everything he has ever thought about than Barrack Obama from world peace to our constitutional rights.
by Martin Armstrong

Facebook boosted US election turnout via psychology experiment, company reveals
Facebook manipulated the news feeds of almost 2 million American users during the 2012 presidential election without telling them.
by RT
Samsung 'Smart TV' Records "Personal" Conversations & Sends Them to Third Parties
Company’s new privacy policy causes consternation.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Saudi Arabia Sentences 3 Lawyers to Jail for Tweets
Saudi Arabia’s fear of the viral free-speech platform Twitter has been well documented as of late.
by Michael Krieger
‘Calibration error’ changes GOP votes to Dem in Illinois county
Early voting in Illinois got off to a rocky start Monday, as votes being cast for Republican candidates were transformed into votes for Democrats.
by Fox News

Top Features of Apple iOS8 Revealed
Apple CEO Tim Cook says the new iOS8 operating system is safer then its competitors. We put it to the test.
by Infowars.com
Mystery Surrounds Unexplained Cellphone Tower in NC
Tower not being used by any major communications company.
by Paul Joseph Watson

School Plans To Tag Students With Microchip Bracelets To Encourage 'Good Behaviour'
Parents not even informed of proposal as teachers measure up wrists of children.
by Steve Watson
DARPA Wants New Technology to Predict "Societal Unrest"
U.S. Defense Department looks to track “all human activities that can be measured.”
by Paul Joseph Watson

Apple Has Installed Security Backdoors on 600m iPhones and iPads, Claims Security Researcher
“There is no way to disable these mechanisms.”
by James Vincent
Half of Europe’s Jobs Threatened by Machines
Echo of U.S. risk..
by Simon Kennedy

Obama Has Been Given Killswitch to the Entire Communication System
The mainstream media has finally awoken to the dangers of the President having unprecedented control over the national communications grid.
by Infowars.com
Dozens More Military Programs To Control Social Media Revealed
Controversial Facebook study is just tip of an iceberg.
by Steve Watson

Coming Soon: TSA Mind Reading Scanners to Catch Terrorists
“In the future, not even our thoughts will be free from search and seizure.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
What Are Machines Thinking?
Forget it. What are humans thinking?
by Jon Rappoport