PM: I'll hunt Jihadi John... even to Syria. Cameron prepared to send in SAS - and won't seek approval of MPs
David Cameron has signalled he is ready to dispatch Special Forces into Syria if it will bring Islamist executioner ‘Jihadi John’ to justice.
by UK Daily Mail
FBI, Pentagon unsure how close Khorasan group was to US strike
The FBI and the Pentagon said on Thursday that they did not know exactly how close the Khorasan group was to an attack on the U.S.
by Peter Sullivan 

The Khorasans: As Fake As the Kardashians
New Boogeyman Has Already Been Debunked.
by Washington's Blog
The Truth About U.S. Air Strikes on Syria With Syrian Girl
What they’re not telling you about ISIS & the middle east agenda.
by Paul Joseph Watson

'Moderate' US Armed Syrian Rebels Slam Obama's Airstrikes On Extremists
Reminder that US backed rebels are fighting against Syrian government, not ISIS.
by Steve Watson
U.S. Foreign Policy Created Many More Terrorists Than It Killed
ISIS Is Run By Former Iraqi Generals … Many Are Members Of Saddam Hussein’s Secular Baath Party Who Converted To Radical Islam In American Prisons.
by Washington's Blog

Who Is Khorasan?
An Al Qaeda splinter group has emerged to be the “real threat” concerning Washington, prompting airstrikes in Syria.
ISIS Leader Calls for 'Lone Wolf' Attacks Inside America
Abu Muhammad al Adnani threatens the United States and its allies by calling for lone wolf attacks inside the United States.
by Breitbart

Russia: ‘Free Syrian Army No Longer Exists’; Rebels Are Coordinating With Terrorists
Russia on Tuesday accused the West of ignoring its warnings about the growing terrorist threat in Syria.
by Patrick Goodenough
Angry McCain Admits Meeting With ISIS, Scolds Rand Paul For Not Knowing Terrorists
“Has Rand Paul ever been to Syria? Has he ever met with ISIS?”
by Steve Watson

Obama Admits ISIS Beheading Videos Help White House Agenda
Gruesome propaganda “resulted in the American public’s quickly backing military action.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
Rand Paul: Arming Syrian Rebels Will Empower ISIS
“Their enemy is really Assad. They don’t really care what ISIS does.”
by Steve Watson

ISIS' Next Target: The Suez Canal
So what is next on the strategic timeline for the Islamic State?
by Zero Hedge
Someone's Already Fighting ISIS: The Syrian Arab Army
There is Only One Logical Ally in the War on ISIS.
by Tony Cartalucci

"Moderate" Syrian Rebels Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS; Iraq Defies US
First it was the ‘broad coalition’ that appeared a little narrower than President Obama explained to the world last week.
by Zero Hedge
UK's Cameron resists calls for air strikes despite hostage killing
Britain on Sunday resisted pressure to join the United States in announcing air strikes against Islamic State.
by Andrew Osborn & Guy Faulconbridge