CIA torture report: Extremist backlash to controversial report begins
‘Getting beheaded is 100 times more humane, more dignified than what these filthy scumbags do to Muslims’.
by Adam Withnall
ISIS Terror Attack Coming This Christmas?
Chatter & history of holiday terror plots indicate west could be targeted.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Rand Paul: John McCain Wants Another 15 Wars
“If I’m ever commander-in-chief, I will not want to take the country to war.”
by Steve Watson
Rand Paul Slams Benghazi "Cover Your Ass" Report
“They will continue to cover up. I will continue to seek the truth.”
by Steve Watson

Paul: Obama’s reason for ISIS fight ‘absurd’
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) on Friday slammed the White House for relying on “absurd” arguments in justifying the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
by The Hill
UN panel slams US for police brutality, torture
A UN report has condemned the United States for violating the terms of an international anti-torture treaty.
by RT

Bizarre ISIS Tweets To Ferguson Protesters: "Hey Blacks, ISIS Will Save You"
Terror group encouraging racial divide in US with use of #Ferguson and #MichaelBrown tags.
by Steve Watson
Obama Administration Defiantly Releases More Gitmo Detainees
“What the Obama Administration is doing is dangerous and, frankly, reckless.”
by Bradford Thomas

The BBC is Using Anti-Terror Surveillance to Find Tax Dodgers
The BBC is using laws designed to catch terrorists and organized crime networks to track down people who dodge the license fee.
by Michael Krieger

Canadian Terror Wave a Modern-Day Gladio
Canada’s Attacks Were Predictable – Western Security Agencies are Prime Suspects.
by Tony Cartalucci
Cheney: Next attack on US will be ‘something far more deadlier’ than 9/11
Former Vice President warned that the next terrorist attack will be far worse than 9/11.
by RT

Leon Panetta, Head of Pentagon and C.I.A. Under Obama, Says Brace for 30 Year War with ISIS
Leon Panetta is pretty much the epitome of a status quo insider.
by Michael Krieger
Congressman Says 10 ISIS Fighters Have Been Apprehended At US Border [VIDEO]
“ISIS is coming across the southern border.”
by Chuck Ross

Pro-ISIS radicals with machetes, knives attack Kurds in Germany (VIDEO)
Four people hospitalized with stab wounds.
by RT
Trojan horse: ISIS militants come to Europe disguised as refugees, US intel sources claim
Islamic State militants are planning to insert operatives into Western Europe.
by RT