Pentagon walks back plans for spring offensive against ISIS stronghold Mosul
Facing criticism, the Pentagon announced it has pushed back plans by Iraqis to mount a major attack to regain Mosul from the Islamic State.
by RT
Terror threat to Mall of America could result in huge gun rights victory
“This is completely ridiculous. The complete opposite of what they should be doing.”
by Joe Saunders

Feds: Anti-Government Groups a Bigger Threat Than ISIS
While Islamic State brags about sleeper cells within U.S., DHS frets about right-wingers.
by Paul Joseph Watson
ISIS Believes Jesus Will Come to Their Aid; Journalist
Terror group envisions apocalyptic final battle in Jerusalem.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Why Obama Refuses to Call it 'Islamic Terrorism'
Federal government has ignored Islamic threat while obsessing about domestic extremism for years.
by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Danish TV Host Lays Flowers For Dead Terrorist: "All is Forgiven"
Liberals struggle with how to respond to Islamic extremism.
by Paul Joseph Watson

ISIS Is Painting The Middle East Red With The Blood Of Christians
Every day now, there are fresh news stories about Christians being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East.
by Michael Snyder
When It Comes To ISIS, Obama Is Utterly Clueless
The most savage group of Islamic terrorists that any of us have ever seen has taken over large portions of Iraq, Syria and Libya.
by Michael Snyder

Putin Threatens to Reveal Bombshell 9/11 Evidence?
Sensational claim causes buzz on conspiracy websites.
by Paul Joseph Watson
ISIS Faked Jordanian Pilot Burning; Voice of Israel Guest
“He’s clearly being directed every step of the way”.
by Paul Joseph Watson

42 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks
Governments from Around the World Admit They Do It.
by Washington's Blog
Report: Obama’s Drone Bombings Have Killed More People Than Spanish Inquisition
Obama’s drone bombings have killed more people in six years than the 300 year-long Spanish Inquisition.
by Jim Hoft

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth
Combatting terrorism is the excuse for squandering a minimum of $6,000 billion dollars.
by Paul Craig Roberts
Saudi Arabia And ISIS Both Want The Same Thing: World Domination
When ISIS released a video which showed Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burned alive, it shocked the entire planet.
by Michael Snyder

Terror Expert: Fox News is "Literally Working For ISIS"
Network slammed for hosting uncensored Jordanian pilot execution video.
by Paul Joseph Watson
How 'Islamic' is the Islamic State?
ISIS execution methods directly violate Islamic principles.
by Paul Joseph Watson