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Steve Watson | While agents ogle naked bodies, “lame bugs” allow evildoers to easily bypass machines.

by Steve Watson

Naked Ambition: TSA Wants New Generation Of Body Scanners
Steve Watson | Machines will be able to see through more layers of clothing.

by Steve Watson

"He's Wearing a Diaper!": TSA Agent Humiliates Cancer Victim
Paul Joseph Watson | Man with medical condition strip-searched during harrowing airport incident.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Law Enforcement Source: TSA Treatment of Woman For Reading Newspaper 'Troubling'
New York Post | “It’s simply TSA over-stepping their boundaries.”

by New York Post

TSA Agents Interrogate Jewish Author For Reading Conservative Newspaper
Paul Joseph Watson | Federal goons assume role of political thought police.

by Paul Joseph Watson

TSA Blasted For Dishonest Response to Whistleblower's Exposé
Paul Joseph Watson | Angry travelers flood TSA blog to slam agency’s glib rebuttal.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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HNGN | Almost 24 bomb-sniffing canines were brought to the Newark Liberty International Airport on Sunday.


The Most Important Takeaways From the Ex-TSA Screener's Exposé
Paul Joseph Watson | Insider confirms shocking level of corruption that infests federal agency.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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Paul Joseph Watson | Cartoon video erroneously teaches kids airport security is a breeze.

by Paul Joseph Watson

Poll: Moronic Majority Want TSA Agents Armed
Steve Watson | Only group who oppose are Libertarians.

by Steve Watson

War on the Press: NYT Reporters Sue DHS Over Interrogation Coverup
Adan Salazar | Reporters want to ensure they weren’t “having their activities monitored by the government.”

by Adan Salazar

TSA Confiscates ‘Realistic’ Two Inch Toy Pistol From Sock Monkey
Mikael Thalen | A Washington state woman traveling from St. Louis to Seattle was shocked and embarrassed after TSA agents confiscated her sock monkey’s two inch toy pistol.

by Mikael Thalen

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Paul Joseph Watson | Devices that critics liken to cattle grids have biometric capabilities.

by Paul Joseph Watson

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Sen. Rand Paul | We can never let that flame of liberty go out.

by Sen. Rand Paul

TSA Go Away Day
Planet Infowars | Whereas it is totally inappropriate for anyone to grab or expose people’s genitals, in any capacity for any reason…

by Planet Infowars

Rep. Wants TSA's Cool Half Mil of Your Pocket Change to go to Military | Lawmaker wants it to go to build airport rest places for military members.