"Moderate" Syrian Rebels Sign Non-Aggression Pact With ISIS; Iraq Defies US
First it was the ‘broad coalition’ that appeared a little narrower than President Obama explained to the world last week.
by Zero Hedge
UK's Cameron resists calls for air strikes despite hostage killing
Britain on Sunday resisted pressure to join the United States in announcing air strikes against Islamic State.
by Andrew Osborn & Guy Faulconbridge

U.S. to train 5,000 Syrian rebels to fight militants
Obama junks earlier doubts about rebels’ abilities.
by Maggie Ybarra
White House, Pentagon contradict Kerry, say US ‘at war’ with ISIS
The White House and Pentagon acknowledged Friday that the U.S. “is at war” with the Islamic State.
by Fox News

NBC Reporter: Boots Already on the Ground in Iraq
“They are embedded with local fighters.”
by Paul Joseph Watson
While Obama Snoozes, Russia Is Preparing For Nuclear War With The United States
Did you know that two Russian bombers practiced launching cruise missiles at the United States from a spot in the North Atlantic just the other day?
by Michael Snyder

The Truth About ISIS & Obama's War Speech
The best enemies money can buy.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Obama Plans to 'Fight ISIS' by Arming ISIS
So-called “moderate” Syrian rebels are openly aligned with Islamic State militants.
by Paul Joseph Watson

Former U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union: The U.S. and Nato Are Provoking the Ukrainian Crisis
Encircling Russia and Arming Ukraine Are What’s Provoking the Bear.
by Washington's Blog
Rand Paul: Obama's Support/Weapons Has Allowed ISIS To Grow
“We have done a disservice and created chaos that has allowed the jihadists to grow stronger.”
by Steve Watson

Perfect Timing: Cameron Opens Door to Syria Air Strikes 48 Hours After ISIS Beheading Threat
ISIS “propaganda” videos make the west’s case for war.
by Paul Joseph Watson
US Boots in Iraq and Baltics, Authorization to Attack Syria...and US Troops in Ukraine!
It has been a busy week for US military planners.
by Daniel McAdams

Is the Steven Sotloff Beheading Video Fake?
ISIS propaganda bears all the hallmarks of “staged” Foley beheading.
by Paul Joseph Watson
Gen. McInerney: "We Helped Build ISIS"
Weapons from Benghazi ended up in the hands of Islamic State radicals.
by Paul Joseph Watson

War Propaganda Works: Large Majority Of Americans Now Want Military Action In Syria, Iraq
Complete turnaround on attitudes of one year ago.
by Steve Watson
Those Ukrainians John McCain Wants to Arm Include Neo-Nazis
“Give them the weapons they need.”
by Paul Joseph Watson