Congressman Urges Protection for Power Grid: EMP Attack “Could Bring Our Civilization to a Cold, Dark Halt”
When it comes to an EMP attack, the question remains “when” not “if” the SHTF.
by Mac Slavo
Report: Iraqi Forces AGAIN Claim US is Supplying ISIS with Weapon Drops
Claim to have shot down US chopper full of weapons.
by Steve Watson

Report: Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Planes If Israel Struck Iran
Netanyahu and two top aides “had decided to carry out air strikes against Iran’s nuclear program.”
by Truth Revolt
Washington Has Destroyed Trust Between Nuclear Powers, Thus Raising The Specter Of War
How can the Russian government trust Washington?
by Paul Craig Roberts

The Odds Of A War Between Israel And Iran Just Went Way Up
Uh oh – Iran just got caught with both hands in the cookie jar.
by Michael Snyder
Interventionism Kills: Post-Coup Ukraine One Year Later
It was one year ago last weekend that a violent coup overthrew the legally elected government of Ukraine.
by Ron Paul

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776
The U.S. Has Only Been At Peace For 21 Years Total Since Its Birth.
by Washington's Blog
The U.S.-Backed Government In Ukraine Is Starting To Lose The Civil War
The mainstream media in the U.S. is being very quiet about this, but the truth is that the U.S.-backed government in Kiev is starting to lose the civil war.
by Michael Snyder

No Doubt: US Taxpayers Will be Robbed to Arm Poroshenko
Of course it’s all to stop “Russian aggression.”
by Ron Paul
Putin Sends Nuclear Bombers Over English Channel: “Transponders Turned Off… Invisible to Air Traffic Control”
Russian President Vladimir Putin hasn’t been one to back down in response to sanctions against his country and attacks on his economy.
by Mac Slavo

"They're Out Of Their Minds" Gorbachev Slams US 'Triumphalism' For "Turning Cold War 'Hot'"
In November of last year, Mikhail Gorbachev first warned “the world is on the brink of a new Cold War.”
by Zero Hedge

Aircraft Carrier Stennis Has Biggest Ordnance Onload Since 2010
Why engage in such a major weapon loading process now?
by Zero Hedge
"Out Of My Face Please" - Why Are US Soldiers In Mariupol?
The response, which requires no translation, speaks for itself.
by Zero Hedge

US Trainers To Deploy To Ukraine
Also Will Begin Shipment of US-funded Armored Vehicles.
by Paul McLeary
Iraq violence killed more than 12,000 civilians in 2014, the U.N. says
Violence in Iraq killed at least 12,282 civilians last year, the deadliest since the sectarian strife of 2007, United Nations officials said.
by Molly Hennessy-Fiske