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June 30, 2009

Yet another example has emerged of video games with embedded references to New World Order or Illuminati symbolism. ‘The Conduit,’ a recent "first-person shooter" for the Wii console, apparently includes a hidden message written on a wall somewhere within the game that reads, "Fight and Die for the NWO."

‘The Conduit,’ a recent "first-person shooter" for the Wii console, apparently includes a hidden message written on a wall somewhere within the game that reads, "Fight and Die for the NWO."

The game, whose scenario involves a secret service investigation of alien attacks, also features a "special weapon" known as the All-Seeing Eye (or A.S.E.) along with other references, such as Prometheus, a mythical figure whose quest for godhood has special meaning for the illuminus and is also a "mysterious" character in the game.

USA Today’s review lays out the game’s scenario in detail:

The Conduit follows secret service agent Mr. Ford as he investigates a series of attacks in Washington, D.C. by aliens called The Drudge. After his government employer, The Trust, betrays him during a downtown battle, Mr. Ford gets help from the mysterious Prometheus. Both characters work together to uncover The Trust’s connection to these attacks.

Besides an impressive arsenal… Dr. Ford has access to the All-Seeing Eye, or A.S.E. Players will use this to uncover cloaked enemies and mines or hack into computers. Hidden puzzles found with the A.S.E. reward players with special, souped-up weapons, but it’s surprising more weren’t use as a method for advancing through the game.

This ‘All-Seeing Eye’ special-weapon can be seen in the trailer below. It evidently reveals secret messages throughout the game which can only been seen with the eye. Also seen in the trailer is a pyramid capped with an eye– in turn emblazoned in a sun– which unveils some further mystery.

There are many, numerous examples of video games bearing such messages, including the aptly-titled, ‘New World Order,’ also a first-person shooter released in 2002. Just a few other examples include:

The video game ‘BlackSite: Area 51’ features the voice of talk show host Alex Jones during a car driving sequence and features a scenario where ‘the government is desperate, struggling to contain secrets so terrible they can no longer be kept’ and must rely upon a special-forces hero.

[efoods]The video ‘Black‘ includes a CIA black ops character on a secret killing mission in Russia. Throughout the game, one can stumble across a destroyed safe at which point the screen reads "Destroyed video footage labeled Bohemian Grove" or later collect an "Order of Death DVD"– both references to Alex Jones’ expose of the secret elite retreat.

‘Crackdown,’ a violent video game about provocated-anarchy and gang warfare, reportedly ends with the gangster realizing his success by becoming "a New World Order agent."

Paul Joseph Watson has previously reported on the video game ‘Act of War: Direct Action’ portrays a highly realistic, near-future story of a U.S. elite force fighting an international plot to overthrow the current world order.

Why are these messages bared in video game culture so frequently? Is it to pre-program us to accept WWIII scenarios and rule by the global elite, or is it merely a hat-tip from a sympathetic programmer? That is up for debate, I suppose.


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