March 19, 2008


Fed up with a "Manchurian Candidate" Prime Minister that continues to harm Canada and commit treason against the country we love , we show up @ the Westin Bayshore (Vancouver) to voice our strong opposition.

1. Why have you secretly allowed for an agreement with the United States military to operate on our soil ? A military that condones and openly practises torture such as waterboarding,secret prisons and even taking pliers to childrens genitals ? some have called this an act of treason…

2. Why do you continue to hide from Canadians the fact that the North America Union is real and being done undemocratically ? some have called this an act of treason

Do Canadians employ you or does Robert Pastor ?…

3. Why did your associates last week deem it necessary to interfere and subvert the election process in the United States last week vis-a-vis the Obama leak ?

Will you be asking the RCMP to investigate the source of the Obama leak or was this attack already successful and now you hope it goes away ?…

4. Why are you pandering to your evangelical base and trying to censor what Canadians watch with Bill C-10 ?… 5. Why did RCMP Agent provocateurs go unpunished when trying to inflame peaceful protesters at your extremely secretive Montebello/ Bildeberger/SPP meetings last summer ? Speaking of which who paid the bill for the massive security ?…

6. The Kean-Hamilton Commission is now complaining that they’ve been lied to by the CIA. Knowing this now and with 24 Canadians killed on 911 and the bodycount rising in Afghanistan will you open a parliamentary investigation into the events of 911 ?…

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