Masahudu Ankiilu Kunateh
Ghanaian Chronicle
August 19, 2011

Mr Javed Talat, Executive Director of the World Bank on Monday called on the Ghana Government to fashion out mechanisms that would help check the ever-growing population to solve development challenges.

He said Technology was fast moving towards reductions in job creation such that unchecked population growth could become disastrous to developing countries in terms of high rates of unemployment.

Mr Talat made this call when he led a World Bank delegation to visit Vice President John Dramani Mahama at the Castle, Osu.

He said the World Bank had a financial facility to support developing countries to check population growth and suggested to developing countries to adopt such measures in order to advance their economies.

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Population reduction is not our priority

Ghanaian Chronicle
August 19, 2011

At 24 million, this nation certainly, cannot be said to be over-populated. Our landmass, at 91,000 or so square miles, is almost the size of Great Britain. Britain has a population far in excess of 60 million. It pre-supposes that over-population cannot be a problem that inhibits development.

The problem of Ghana, as in many third world societies, is our inability to harness the enormous resources at our disposal to make the population comfortable. That is why The Chronicle is unable to buy into the suggestion by Mr. Javed Talat, Executive Director of the World Bank, who has asked the government to fashion out a mechanism to help check the growing population of this country.

The World Bank official suggested to the Government of Ghana to access a World Bank facility intended to aid Third World countries to check population growth. We do not believe facilities to slow down our population growth are the priority of this nation. Instead, we would welcome a World Bank initiative that would make it possible for this country to trade with the advanced countries and improve revenue.

[…] The Chronicle believes we need no ghost to tell us that our woes stem from a weak economy. Even if we halve our population growth without acquiring the resources to take care of the population, we are still going to wallow in the quagmire of abject poverty. That is the bottom line. Our priority, as a nation, must be how to improve the national economy.

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