A radical Islamist who skipped bail after stabbing a football fan in the head with a pen has joined the Islamic State in Syria, where he boasted online of his easy escape from the UK.

Abu Rahin Aziz, 32, from Luton, failed to attend court last June and was given a 36-week prison sentence in absentia for attacking football fans on Oxford Street, London.

Aziz, who has two children, has since fled to Syria where he has boasted on Twitter of his ability to evade British security agencies, despite allegedly being under surveillance.

In a recent, highly provocative tweet, Aziz said Home Secretary Theresa May should be sacked for “poor security,” calling for her to be sent to the Islamic State, where a “British sister” can behead her.

It is believed he fled the UK via Amsterdam to Turkey, before crossing over the Syrian-Turkish border into Islamic State controlled territory.

The former credit control operator used to work for cable company NTL, where he is said to have hounded female Asian workmates for wearing Western clothes.

He was once a member of the banned radical Islamist group Muslim Against Crusades (MAC), which came to national attention when it burned a giant red remembrance poppy and chanted “British soldiers burn in hell” during the ceremonial two-minute silence near the Royal Albert Hall on Armistice Day in 2010.

Aziz, who goes by the alias Abu Abdullah Britani, bragged online of having stabbed a “kafir” (non-believer) in the back of the head with a pen after he insulted the Prophet Mohammed.

The attack on Oxford Street came eight days after MAC marched through Edgware Road chanting sectarian slogans against the Shiite Muslim community there.

Two members of the public were beaten to the floor, punched, kicked and struck with placards during the protest.

In a series of mocking tweets on Tuesday, Aziz boasted of his easy escape from Britain.

Me & #AbuRumaysah had a good chuckle over how #british security services were that we both walked passed all checkpoint and not get stopped.

We should arrange a group pic of all brothers who fled #British authorities while under watch. Show the world the level of security of #uk.

Another Twitter user replied, “would have to gather many brothers lol!” to which Aziz responded, “lol too many. Operations will have to halt for this.

Following the Paris terror attacks, Aziz described anyone who protested the murders and who wanted more cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed as “legit targets.”

Anyone who insults Mohammed (saw) deserves death,all those who protested & wanted more images released are legit targets #CharlieHebdo

In a tweet sent on Monday, he said: “If anyone is short on ideas … here’s a hint #leerigby,” in reference to the murder of British soldier Lee Rigby by two radical Muslim converts in London in 2013.

A former NHS surgeon, who also skipped bail following his arrest in connection with the stabbing, has since become a senior Taliban leader in Pakistan.

Dr Mirza Tariq Ali, 40, was found guilty of violent disorder and sentenced to 15 months in absentia.

Aziz tweeted a picture of himself with Dr Tariq Ali in January.

Me & Dr Tariq who’s currently with Pakistan Taliban, this is us breaking our bail conditions being together in UK.

Both Aziz and Dr Tariq Ali are associates of Anjem Choudary, a controversial British Islamist.

Choudary was widely condemned by the British Muslim community for publicly celebrating the 9/11 attacks in New York and the 7/7 attacks in London.

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