Jim Traficant
American Free Press
May 26th, 2010

Our 50 states are to be the United States of America. One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. And, to continue the freedoms we enjoy, our nation must be secured, protected from potential enemies and threats from within—and—without. Quite frankly, those lofty yet pragmatic goals and ideals are not possible without a secure border.

There is no national security without a secure border. Every military strategist knows that. I introduced legislation onto the House floor to secure our borders by relocating troops from overseas to our borders. My legislation provided 10,000 soldiers to be strategically placed and assigned to all our borders, both north and south.

My legislation was vehemently opposed by the Democratic Party. I was labeled a bigot, a racist, every name you can imagine.

I successfully passed the amendment in the House—but the “party” and the Senate killed it every year.

The truth is, the security of our borders was not politically expedient as much as the catering to and solicitation of a growing minority Hispanic vote. Both parties want to recruit this new political base, another minority vote, this time even bigger than the black vote. In fact, black Americans are once again pushed to the back of the bus.

Politics won out ever national security. Now Arizona is the target of all the “nobles” who claim to abhor the actions of Arizona.

What a bunch of phonies and hypocrites. I titled this column “The United States of Arizona” because Arizona is doing what the United States of America should be doing. Shame on you, Congress. Legislators should hide their faces. Americans are under attack and are being killed on our borders, and our government has not only turned its back, but is encouraging it by the failure to respond. Let’s get off this immigration lingo, the key word here is “illegal”—not “immigration.”

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Who are these illegals? Are they simply “poor people” looking for a better life? Or are they drug smugglers, robbers, terrorists and freeloaders? The facts are clear: They are all of these. However, there’s no way of knowing exactly who and what they are, because our border is wide open.

My God, America could be systematically penetrated by a sophisticated, powerful entity before we even knew it. This is insane and absolutely dangerous. Thank God Arizona has acted. I hope the officials there stand their ground. Arizona is helping the American people in every state, in spite of the scorn and ridicule it is facing.

Let’s look at the facts that support the actions of Arizona:

There have been millions of illegals crossing our borders with little or no interdiction. Narcotics have flooded our borders. American landowners have faced costly damages and death.

The people who live within 75 miles of the Mexican border have been terrorized for years. They have pleaded with the federal government to help protect their lives and property, to no avail.

One rancher testified that “up to 1,200 illegal immigrants” go across his ranch every day. They steal his vehicles. They destroy his fences. They leave trash and destruction. He testified that he had “found 17 dead bodies,” and nobody helped him.

Another land owner testified that drugs are daily shipped across his ranch in a sort of “military-type operation.” He stated there’s a “point man” with a machine gun in front with guards fully armed a half-mile behind guarding their rear. He stated that these “narcos” are violent and will kill anyone who gets in their way.

Another testified that two illegals came on his property who were forced to carry drugs. One was shot in the arm, but escaped after delivery. His “associate” wasn’t as lucky—he was killed. These drug smugglers force “runners” to carry the drugs across the border, then often kill them to avoid detection.

It’s gotten so bad that federal prisons are bulging with over 40 percent illegal immigrants. Think about it: Who’s paying to feed them, clothe them, provide medical care? Are we crazy?

Some 80 percent of our law enforcement who are murdered are killed by illegal immigrants. These are violent terrorists. Get back at me!

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