Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

During Alex Jones’ confrontation with Neo-Con poster child Michelle Malkin at DNC yesterday, the phony right-wing ideologue enjoyed the support of seemingly strange bedfellows, the self-proclaimed liberal anarchist group Re-Create 68, who subsequently attempted to smear Jones in front of the media by implying he was a racist.

Jones called out Malkin for her pro-torture stance and her refusal to retract a story concerning Marines in Iraq killing puppies, which Malkin maintained was a faked video.

Malkin found an ally in Recreate 68’s (Kenneth) Sanchez, reports Fort Collins Now, “Who pushed his way into the crowd of TV cameras to yell at Jones: “Michelle Malkin is a true patriot!”

Recreate 68 co-founder Glenn Spagnuolo then said of Jones, “He’s the true agent provocateur, he was so busy hating, he missed all the love.”

What this aimless, arrogant and ineffective gaggle defined as “the love” was about as indefinable as the rest of the Communist trash they were spewing about redistribution of wealth.

But the group’s support for Michelle Malkin, a neo-fascist poster child for the fake right-wing and an advocate of torture and internment camps for dissenters and other undesirables, speaks volumes about the meaningless and transitory nature of their immature and vacuous political outlook.

Accepting of the fact that their whiny effeminate voices, stupid cowardly pseudonyms (one calling himself the Yippie Pie Man), and ridiculous wizard costumes could not compete with the booming ferocity of Jones, members of the group chose to question the talk show host through a bullhorn, calling him a “white populist” for daring to criticize extremist Mexican separatist groups and their “Plan of an Diego,” a revolutionary call to arms to re-invade the southwestern United States and kill all blacks and whites.

Jones has previously led demonstrations against MECHA and La Raza (as well as their contemporaries the Ku Klux Klan), backed up in force by dozens of Hispanics.

Apparently, pointing out that genocide and ethnic cleansing is a bad thing is only OK if white people are behind it, God forbid you denounce any other color for wanton mass slaughter or you’re a racist, according to Re-Create 68.

In reality, Jones’ mini-documentary, Battle For The Republic, urges Mexicans to overthrow their corrupt system and reject the NGO-funded propaganda about “The Race” and “La Reconquista”.

In contrast, MECHA and La Raza like to carry billboards with drawings of decapitated white people and declare, “Por La Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada.” “Everything for the race. Everything outside the race, nothing.”

Who are the real racists here? People who call themselves “the race” and advocate ethnic cleansing of blacks and whites, or those who criticize them?

Re-Create 68’s attempt to smear Jones by playing the race card has only resulted in the exposure of themselves as ninnying Socialist twits, with no grasp whatsoever about the painful truth behind such issues, which run deeper than mindless empty platitudes and name-calling.

Watch Alex Jones’ description of events and the confrontation itself in the You Tube clips below.

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