All sorts of sub-groups of the regressive left, whether they are ‘anti-racists’, feminists, ‘Black Lives Matter’ advocates, or just lazy armchair activist social justice warriors, repeatedly pick on the same handful of countries whenever it comes time to criticize whatever they perceive to be an “injustice.”

The United States (racists!), Russia (homophobes!), Germany (Nazis!), the United Kingdom (colonizers!), France (you too!), and Australia (also racists!) always seem to bear the brunt of these criticisms, while by extension just about every western country can be held accountable for a firm scolding from the righteous finger of SJW indignation.

However, this article will expose their selective bias and explore ten different countries which are mostly ignored by all the aforementioned leftist subgroups, and furthermore give a rather simple explanation of why.

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