An astonishing 10,000 millionaires left France in 2015 thanks to rising social tensions caused by Islamic immigration and terrorism. But while Britain has been warned to expect a similar exodus should racial tensions also rise here, the possibility of Britain leaving the European Union is more likely to keep millionaires within our shores.

Overall last year France lost approximately 3 percent of its total number of millionaires, while it’s capital, Paris, lost about six percent of its millionaires. That amounts to some 7,000 people from Paris alone, mostly to the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and Israel, according to a report by New World Wealth, an agency which compiles data on the global wealth sector.

“The large outflow of millionaires from France is notable – France is being heavily impacted by rising religious tensions between Christians and Muslims, especially in urban areas. We expect that millionaire migration away from France will accelerate over the next decade as these tensions escalate,” the report warns.

China saw the second largest outward flow of millionaires last year, the authors found, followed by Italy, India, Greece, the Russian Federation, Spain and Brazil.

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