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A media blackout on the weekend’s elite Bilderberg Group meeting in Copenhagen Denmark is in full force. Not one single major news article has been published about the meeting despite the fact that 140 political, financial and business leaders from 22 countries around the world will gather in one hotel for four days.

The only glimmers of information, aside from the few sources on the ground, come in the form a smattering of foreign media pieces.

A Danish Reuters piece notes that among the attendees will be NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. Both are regular Bilderberg attendees, with Bildt also a full time member of the RAND Corporation and the Trilateral Commission.

The piece lists several Danish representatives, president of pharmaceutical company Lundbeck, Jørgen Huno Rasmussen, Carlsberg’s CEO, Flemming Besenbacher, and the president of petrochemical giant Haldor Topsoe A / S, Henrik Topsøe, will all reportedly be in attendance. The piece claims, however, that no Danish politicians are currently believed to have been invited.

Topics up for discussion are said to include China and the global economy. The article notes that police have been communicating with protesters and are prepared for the meeting.

Another Danish article notes that topics up for discussion also include “the shift in technology versus jobs, future demographics, China’s political and economic future, Ukraine and other topics.”

The Reuters article also notes that Viviane Reding, EU Commissioner for Justice, will be in attendance at this weekend’s gathering. Reding, a Hungarian national, attended last year’s confab in England, and caused some headlines when she reportedly privately told participants that she would do her utmost to question the legitimacy of the outcome of Hungary’s 2014 general election. After the matter was raised in a European Parliament meeting, Reding denied making the comments, saying that they “haven’t the slightest connection with reality.”

The crux of the allegations was that Reding was conspiring with former Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, the head of the socialist opposition movement, in order to undermine the Democratic process.

Several Hungarian articles today state that Bajnai will attend this year’s meeting himself, a revelation that will no doubt fan the flames over Reding’s alleged comments. Bajnai is quoted as saying that he does not know why he has been invited to the meeting, “but of course I’ll be there. A very kind invitation.” The former head of state also stated that he believes “very serious issues will be discussed.”

Portuguese article reveals that two ministers from that country have been selected to attend the meeting. The first is Paulo Macedo, Minister of Health – a man who, probably not coincidentally, has strong ties to several of the nation’s banks and its financial apparatus. The second Portuguese representative will be Inês de Medeiros of the Socialist Party, which is currently in opposition to the government (seeing a pattern emerging yet?).

Inês de Medeiros is an up and coming politician who sits on several parliamentary committees including those for Education, Science and Culture, Social Security and Labour, and Ethics, Citizenship and Communication. It is not unusual for Bilderberg to invite and groom such young politicians into future positions of power.

The article also notes that the director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christine Lagarde, will be present, as will the president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Mario Draghi. Both have attended previous conferences.

Infowars reporters will be present in Copenhagen to cover the event.


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