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October 20, 2010

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Here’s a shocker: The most immediate state pension crises aren’t in New York or California. They’re in Middle America.

When it comes to state pensions in the most trouble, do places like New Hampshire come to mind? Probably not, unless you live there, and maybe not even then.

After all, it makes sense that the biggest, most populous members of the union, where budget follies are fairly common, would be facing the most urgently needed fixes. The truth is considerably different. The Granite State claims the No. 11 slot, and it’s not the only unexpected name facing pension woes.

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Hawaii, Kansas and others made their way on to the list. Now, these pension plans aren’t going to be obliterated tomorrow — New Hampshire, for instance, is estimated to see its plan run out of money in 2022, so they’ve got 12 years to rectify the situation.

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