11 Stories Infowars Drove to the Mainstream in 2011, the Year the Establishment Declared War on Americans & Their Rights.

Aaron Dykes
December 31, 2011

What is “mainstream” media? What is “news”? Who is part of it? And who controls the message, not to mention the masses?

It is no secret that newspaper readership is dying off and TV’s increasingly fractured channel-driven network news outlets are losing viewers to the Internet, handheld gizmos and the social networking phenomenon that has become modern day mainstream reality.

With millions of radio listeners each day, two websites leading alternative media readership and web traffic statistics, a new TV-format video platform, documentaries that get tens of millions of views and a You Tube account alone that has reached over 164 million total views, Alex Jones and his Infowars.com network of media platforms and dedicated activist-listeners have made a mission out of reclaiming the voice of the people, redefining “mainstream” and interjecting truth to counter the lies of media “officialdom,” fraught with all its lies, omissions and hidden agendas.

In one way or another, Infowars and other alternative media outlets have become important mainstream sources of news & information. While attacked on cable channels and in establishment rags, much of what Alex Jones and his conspiracy ilk have warned so loudly about has unfortunately come to pass with stunning accuracy.

So much of what “officials” and establishment hacks have claimed isn’t true or couldn’t happen has pushed its way into the mainstream consciousness, where a larger debate is possible, even when the powers that be would have it suppressed and silenced. Here’s just a few of the biggest stories and videos we covered in 2011, all of which had a major effect on the global scene…

1. War on America: Government Has LITERALLY Declared Americans the Enemy

The treasonous language authorizing the indefinite detention of Americans without trial under the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is only the latest blow in the not so subtle shift from the War on Terror abroad against jihadists towards suspicion, internment and police state for ordinary Americans.

We The People of the United States have literally been declared the enemy— while Congress has drafted legislation that actually wipes out on paper much of the Bill of Rights.

Terrorist Congress Declares War on American People

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Ron Paul: Defense Bill Establishes Martial Law In America!

2. FEMA Camps to Hold Americans Have Been Activated

Long-laid plans to intern Americans and declare martial law under a national emergency have been activated. A flood of recent documents have made clear that contractors are being hired and personnel put on notice to open the gates at FEMA emergency centers


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Homeland Security is Training to Round Up Americans After Disaster

Infowars reporters Darrin McBreen and Aaron Dykes expose Operation Mountain Guardian, a terrorism-based full-scale exercise sponsored by the North Central All-Hazards Emergency Management Region, Denver Urban Area Security Initiative, and Front Range Metropolitan Medical Response System. The exercise is a Homeland Security Grant funded event made possible due to grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through FEMA Region VIII and the State of Colorado Governor’s Office of Homeland Security.

Operation Mountain Guardian: Aaron Dykes Darrin McBreen

3. Ron Paul Can’t Win Hoax

Ron Paul is poised to win first or second in Iowa, and currently leads the polls there. The so-called mainstream media, however, have continuously said he has no chance of winning, even threatening to ignore Iowa if he wins after months of ignoring him.

Now, Gandhi’s quote has come true: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win.

Attacks are currently underway to demonize Ron Paul by, among other things, pronouncing his association with Alex Jones by coming on this broadcast.

Ron Paul is in The Fight of His Life, We Must Stand With Him!

4. It’s the Bankers or Us: Global Consolidation Through Economic Crisis

The Occupy Wall Street was a poignant moment in describing the universal anger of Americans about what is happening in the global financial crisis? But did those who showed up in the streets across the United States and globe point the finger at the right culprit? Just how do we fix the economy. Infowars has worked to draw attention to the inherent problems of crony capitalism and especially at the private Federal Reserve bank– initiating an Occupy the Fed movement to counter the water-downed and misdirected message of OWS.

It’s the Bankers or Us

The Revolution Against the Federal Reserve Starts Now

5. Al Qaeda work FOR not AGAINST the West & New World Order

While the globalists successfully branded al Qaeda as a terrorist enemy after 9/11, the group has been patently directed and steered by Western intelligence powers– from the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan, to war in Yugoslavia to current, on-going campaigns of terror.

But no one could ignore the fact that al Qaeda was an ally in the NATO war against Libya.

Al Qaeda’s Dark Secret Exposed: 100% Pentagon/Western Run

Al Qaeda is a tool for globalist empire, both abroad and at home domestically. Actual terrorism incidents represent a ridiculously small number of deaths each years, yet Americans are told to look under their beds in fear, all without questioning what their government does.

Terrorism’s Big Dirty Secret

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6. PHONY Bin Laden Death follows intense scrutiny of Obama Birth Certificate

Whatever the truth about Barack Obama’s true birthplace, the questions surrounding his providence and legitimacy put significant pressure on the White House.

When President Obama finally released a document in April 2011, it generated more questions than answers.

Proof: Bin Laden Death Another Gov’t Lie

Then came a question of timing when public enemy #1 was hastily buried at sea, with no real evidence of his death.

Numerous Intelligence Experts Said Bin Laden was already dead, and that this media hoax was used to score points with the public. Obama enjoyed a boost and the polls, and a shift away from focus on his birth certificate.

PROOF!!! Obama Birth Certificate Fraud
Exclusive: ‘Bin Laden Dead’ Hoax Exposed

7. World War III Coming, Was Crafted by Globalists

With an Iranian War now looming after the very serious maneuvers underway in and around the Straight of Hormuz, we must remind that we warned the globalists were trying to start World War III, with focus on Iran.

The Arab Spring uprisings have played right into the hands of the globalists to create a tinderbox to spark World War III.

Obama Launching World War III

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And undoubtedly, the unconstitutional war Obama led through the United Nations and NATO became the war to replace Col. Gaddafi with al Qaeda in Libya.


8. Long-Term Culling: The Government is Poisoning You

An attack against humanity has been underway through the food, water and other environmental factors. An elite obsessed with eugenics has targeted the population and made attempts to reduce the population, all while genetically-modified food & animals, as well as chemicals added to food & water are continually linked to cancer, infertility, sterility and other factors.

Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You

Genetic Armageddon: Humanity’s Greatest Threat
Infowars Hidden Camera – Fluoride Treatment Facility: Nightly News Report

9. COVERT War on the 2nd Amendment

2011 began with a mass shooting in Tuscon and the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Politicians immediately moved to hijack the tragedy and use it as a weapon to attack the 2nd Amendment. Sheriff Dupnik and others made the effort too obvious, though and pressure to push legislation died off.

But President Obama and his team were working, nonetheless. He was quoted telling the Brady Center that the administration was working “under the radar” on gun control.

Obama Launches Covert Gun Grab

The Fast & Furious gun-walking plot that has embroiled Attorney General Eric Holder, the ATF and Justice Departments in scandal emerged in the following months.

The globalists were exposed not only empowered dangerous Mexican drug cartels with guns, but allowed them to ship drugs, and even helped them launder money in Wall Street banks.

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10. Criminalization of Ordinary Activity

2011 saw a broad range of bizarre attacks on what seemed like ordinary American life– from shutting down lemonade stands, front-yard gardens and Amish raw dairy sellers to SWAT team raids on fruits and vegetables, the Gibson Guitar factory over environmental laws on wood importation and much more.

Arrested for Selling 10 Cents Lemonade at the Washington Capital

Feds SWAT Team Fruit & Vegetable Sellers

Public Reacts to Feds Raid on Gibson Guitars – Infowars Nightly News
Police Brutality Epidemic: Darrin McBreen Investigates

11. We Have Identified the Elite Who Run The World, and Their Agenda is Not Invincible

BILDERBERG 2011: Elite Leave Secret Meeting Early
Activists showed up in force to counter the secret meetings of the elite. Long-time sleuth Jim Tucker is no longer alone, and demonstrators have flocked to the locations of several of the past meetings. Alternative media coverage on Bilderberg has reached fever pitch, and the mainstream media has been forced to cover the group as well. London Guardian writer and comedian Charlie Skelton essentially joined ranks, and even Fox News did segments on the elite retreat.

Bilderberg Members Confronted by Protesters Outside Security Perimeter

Infowars LIVE STREAMING coverage on Justin.TV of the June 2011 meetings in St. Moritz, Switzerland received more than 3.5 million views; activists showed up in the hundreds, elite attendees were confronted outside the hotel they converged on, and the power brokers turned-tail and left the meeting early.


Watch live video from Alex Jones Live! on Justin.tv

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Exclusive research conducted by Infowars.com teams have also worked to expose the machinations of the elite, and identify their membership. Never-before seen coverage of the was brought to light, thanks to a thorough interview with Charlotte Iserbyt, who was the first insider to leak the Skull & Bones membership list to the public (See Below):

Charlotte Iserbyt: Secrets Of Skull And Bones Blown Wide Open 1/4

Resistance is Victory- When We Fight Back We Win

Fighting back against the TSA sent a strong message, and legislation was nearly victorious at the state level.

Texans Revolt Against TSA Tyranny, Storm Capitol

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