Kevin Copenhagen
July 23, 2012

This is the exact SAME logic used by the gun-grabbing, bleeding-heart and historically-ignorant “liberals” in this country in the wake of Friday’s mass murder in Aurora, Colorado. However, “conservatives” also grieving for the lives taken in the senseless mass murder of last Friday and who, rightly, are up in arms about talk of banning guns or restricting our access to them seem to have no issues with the Military Industrial Complex taking millions of innocent lives in wars of aggression on sovereign nations over the past 60+ years. “USA, USA, USA!!! Hoorah!!”

In yet another tragic episode of sheer ignorance, 23 people were piled into a Ford F-250 which went off the road Sunday on Route 59 southwest of Houston, Texas, smashing into a tree killing 13 and seriously injuring the other 10 on board. Where is the 24/7 nationwide media coverage, outrage and grief for these poor individuals and their grieving families? I hear the crickets chirping loudly because there was no gun involved in this tragedy.

Clearly, as was the case in the latest senseless mass shooting in Colorado, the problem was not access to weapons, or even the weapons themselves. The problem was with the INDIVIDUAL in both cases. One, a deranged psychopath and the other most likely ignorant and completely irresponsible for driving a truck loaded in such a way that it was never intended to be used. Just as the weapons legally purchased were NEVER intended to be used in the way they were by James Holmes.

The problem in both of these unfortunate instances is NOT guns nor pickup trucks, but a culture of death, fear and ignorance perpetuated by the media, Hollywood, “popular” culture, “education” system and the government itself who uses fear to justify their very existence on a daily basis. And Americans, for the most part, buy into this propaganda (what Edward Bernays and Walter Lippman referred to as “perception management”) with very little critical thought.

So, is the answer to ban all guns and let only the psychopaths who gravitate towards positions of power in the world have exclusive access to them allowing an unchallenged monopoly of force against the masses? Do we ban ALL pickup trucks so that 23 people can’t pile in and risk certain death when the driver loses control?

OR, do we look deeply at OURSELVES and our culture and ask what can be done to change the way people THINK in this country so that tragedies in BOTH of these cases can be avoided in the future?

Taking away rights and freedoms is not the solution to any problem that has ever been. Education, knowledge and understanding are the keys to living in a sane world of sane individuals who comprise sane families, communities and societies. We need to look at the causes of mental illness and the roots of stupidity if we want to solve the problems that arise in tragedies such as these two that caused the unnecessary deaths of 25 innocent people in just the past 3 days.

While we’re at it, perhaps we should look at our nation’s agenda of imperialism and the MILLIONS of innocents killed in the name of “spreading democracy” over the past 67 years since the end of WW II. Oh, and how about the care-free and irresponsible “disposable” culture that has allowed for the murder of 54 millions innocent babies who never had a chance to experience life since 1973 in America?

Perhaps we need to look in the mirror and realize what we have become as a species when we are so shocked and saddened by such ignorant, irrational and hate-filled acts of violence and stupidity on our own soil. Ultimately, we ALL are to blame for the status quo in this world, not inanimate objects such as guns and trucks.

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