Moroccan authorities have arrested a total of 13 men in connection with the beheadings of two Scandinavian hikers that occurred earlier this week, according to local media.

Gruesome video of the attack shocked the world, and has been widely circulated social media, with men in the video calling the attack “revenge” for fellow jihadists in Syria.

From the Daily Mail:

In the clip, a man can be heard saying ‘These are your heads, enemies of god’ while there are claims the phrase ‘this is for Syria’ was used, in an apparent reference to Western bombing missions in the war-torn country.

Ms Ueland and Ms Vesterager Jespersen, who were studying to be outdoor guides at a Norwegian university, were spotted with three men in Marrakesh before heading to the Atlas mountains to hike.

A Moroccan police source said today that three fugitive suspects had been arrested in Marrakesh after an intensive manhunt – a day after another man was held, suspected of belonging to an Islamic extremist group.

An additional nine men were arrested days later in several Moroccan cities, including Marrakesh and Essaouira, reported state-run media 2M.

The terrorist attack comes just months after an American couple was brutally murdered by Islamic terrorists in Tajikistan while cycling the countryside in an ironic bid to prove that evil didn’t exist.

These attacks highlight an apparent trend of Western naiveté regarding radical Islam, propelled largely by leftist mainstream media that constantly downplays or ignores its dangers.

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