A Texas teen mowed an American flag design into the lawn of his family’s home to honor his Army friend who was killed while on duty at the border.

17-year-old Cameron James decided to combine the 4th of July with remembering his buddy by creating the pattern at his home in Haslet, North Texas.

James’ friend Kevin Christian, who he met through the Boy Scouts, died last week in Arizona during a Border Patrol operation.

“Last year my dad wanted me to do this to celebrate the Fourth of July and then this year just like last week one of my best friends from scouting died in the Army,” said James. “He was just a role model for me, so I wanted to make sure he was missed by even the people who didn’t know him.”

James said it took him about 4 hours to create the design using two different settings on his mower to make the stripes and a weed eater to carve out the 50 stars.

As irate leftists become hysterical over Nike trainers using a version of the American flag and demand that TV networks ignore Trump’s patriotic 4th of July parade, this is a timely reminder of what the country is really all about.


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