Thousands of pro-democracy Hong Kong demonstrators flooded the city’s international airport on Monday, shutting down all flights in an escalation against Beijing’s attempts to consolidate control over the autonomous region.

Amid the clashes with police, some demonstrators were seen waving the American flag and singing the U.S. national anthem because they promote and represent freedom and fighting tyranny.

Needless to say, China is probably not happy to see Hong Kong citizens take up the flag to fight for freedom as they try to implement their communist takeover.

The protests began in the spring after the Hong Kong government proposed a bill that allows local authorities to detain and extradite people wanted in countries that Hong Kong doesn’t have extradition agreements with, including mainland China and Taiwan.

The protests have since escalated into a broader conflagration over Hong Kong’s lack of democracy, rampant corruption, and increasingly closer ties with communist China.

China has called the shutdown of the Hong Kong airport an act of “terrorism.”

“These violent, illegal actions must be met with a determined legal crackdown, with no softening of hands or any sign of mercy,” said the State Council’s Hong Kong and Macau Affairs Spokesman Yang Guang. “Hong Kong has arrived at a critical point.”

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