Train Headed East out of Oroville, California – Equipment ‘As Far As Eye Can See’:

MRAPs on California Highways, Turkish pilots at Wal-Mart:

Hundreds Of Military Vehicles In Southern California:

Military Equipment Behind Wal-Mart Building in Texas:

Thousands Of MRAPs and APCs Along I-15 In California:

Massive Movement From Canada Headed To California:

Heavy Concentration Military Equipment Pennsylvania:

Choppers and Military Vehicles in Texas:

Largest Bilateral Training Event in 20 Years:

UN Medical Vehicles Headed To Texas From Mississippi:

More UN Vehicles:

Hundreds Of Military Vehicles on a Train 30mi west of San Antonio:

Blacked out FEMA buildings in Kentucky, exercises and military across several states:

Marines prep for riot control in Virginia:

Military Training for roundup of citizens in Ft. Lauderdale:

National Guard Patroling Streets in Ontario, California:

Increased Chopper and Jet Activity Coast to Coast:

Military Buildup Largest Ever Seen:

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