Coconut oil is having a moment — and not just in stir fries and baked goods.

This slightly-sweet oil is a powerhouse that does everything from remove sticky labels to soothe cuts. With a jar running around $10, there are so many uses for this unique ingredient around your home, you may not even use it for cooking.

Body lotion: Use straight from the jar or make your own homemade coconut oil body lotion that soothes dry skin and also helps prevent age spots.

Treat athlete’s foot: Athlete’s foot is an itchy bother that’s caused by a fungal infection, which loves warm, moist, and dark places (meaning your sweaty feet). Thanks to coconut oil’s high amounts of antifungal properties, applying three to four times a day for up to a week will clear up the infection.

Stop squeaks: Next time your door or window screeches, rub a little coconut oil on hinges or edges of frames to stop the annoying noise and keep things moving.

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