The State Department appointed 194 of Hillary Clinton’s donors to advisory boards at the agency while she was secretary of state.

These donors gave money to either Clinton’s political campaigns, the Clinton Foundation, or both, or they were affiliated with organizations that did donate, theWashington Examiner reported Tuesday.

The 194 donors represented approximately 40 percent of the total 511 such advisory appointments during Clinton’s tenure. Although this is a common practice among both parties, the report is likely to fuel pay-to-play accusations that foundation donors received special access to the State Department while Clinton was secretary.

The Washington Examiner highlighted specific individuals who received such appointments despite being ill-qualified. One individual, Kaki Hockersmith, was appointed to the United States National Commission on UNESCO, a component of the United Nations that focuses on building international peace. Hockersmith collected at least $100,000 for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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