There are no bombshells in this 1979 local television interview with then-First Lady of Arkansas Hillary then-Rodham, but it’s a strangely fascinating artifact in that much of what has characterized Clinton’s often ruffled relationship with the public and the media is on display here in nascent form.

Check out the video (disrupted by the occassional explosion of VHS distortion) below:

The interviewer probes Clinton with questions that evince a nebulous distrust she seems to have always inspired in some people.

“You don’t really fit the image we’ve created for the governor’s wife in Arkansas,” he says. “You’re not a native. You’ve been educated in liberal eastern universities. You’re less than 40. You don’t have any children. You don’t use your husband’s name. You practice law. Does it concern you that maybe other people feel that you don’t fit the image that we’ve created for the governor’s wife in Arkansas?”

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