John Keller
July 5, 2013

It’s not clear where to begin with this story. Restore the Fourth rallies took place across the US yesterday. The rallies themselves are very heartening as those interviewed are young, progressive, self-described Obama voters, and probably not a few Ron Paul style libertarians based on the signs and T-shirts worn. Be sure to check out the top 40 signs via BuzzFeed – great stuff in here. Very thrilling for the cause of liberty as the NSA scandal knocks the scales from the eyes of these disillusioned young people.

Russia Today had great coverage, an interview with the Restore the Fourth founder, woman on the scene interviews at the New York march, and commentary on rallies in other locations. Again, those interviewed are young and more coherent than their “Occupy” counterparts – fantastic! Russia Today? That brings us to the second part of the story. Mass protest rallies break out around the US on a topic that is timely and in the news. Where, one might ask, is the US MSM coverage? Good question, and a look at Google search results shows why the ABCBSMSNBCFOX dinosaurs continue struggling in the La Brea Tar Pit of digital history.

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