Lee Rogers
Rogue Government
May 6, 2008

Nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations are slowly taking over the functions of government. The elite believe that nation states are outdated and that new regional forms of government must be established. Many of the global elite like Phillip Bobbitt are openly calling for nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations to take over the role of government. Bobbitt and others have made it clear that they care not about the liberties and freedoms provided to the American people by the U.S. Constitution. This is all part and parcel of the elite’s plan to form a global government. The European Union was the first step and now the elites are attempting to form a North American Union using NAFTA and the Security Prosperity Partnership as its foundation. Although the elites continue to deny that there are plans for a North American Union, why is it that there is a nongovernmental organization called the North American Forum on Integration that is sponsoring yet another mock North American Parliament meeting for students later this month? That’s right, this isn’t the first time they’ve sponsored a mock North American Parliament meeting. What other purpose can be behind this event besides the mass indoctrination of well meaning students?

The mock North American Parliament meeting will last from May 25th – May 30th and take place in Montreal. There is no doubt that this is designed to brainwash students into accepting a North American Union or as the Council on Foreign Relations has called it a North American Community. Below are the stated goals of the mock North American Parliament meeting.

To bring future Canadian, American and Mexican leaders together in order to experience and take part in an international negotiation exercise.

To allow participants to familiarize themselves with the functioning of democratic institutions as well as North American political, economic, environmental and social realities.

To develop the participants’ sense of belonging to North America.

To increase intercultural exchanges and promote the creation of North American academia networks.

To inform the current decision makers of the priorities and concerns of North American youth.

These goals sound like something that you’d see out of a Soviet Union mind control program. There is no doubt the media is already socially engineering people to accept that they are North American citizens instead of Canadians, Mexicans or Americans. Instead of U.S. Box Office receipts, the mass media complex reports North American Box Office receipts. Companies are saying that they have North American operations and not Canadian operations, Mexican operations or U.S. operations.

It is ridiculous to believe that there isn’t a push for a North American Union when there are open borders, secretive agreements and meetings via the Security and Prosperity Partnership and nongovernmental organizations like the North American Forum on Integration which openly advocates a North American Parliament via gatherings such as this one. The Security and Prosperity Partnership is an illegal agreement because it was not approved by Congress as the U.S. Constitution demands. What Bush did by signing that agreement is an impeachable offense and is an attempt to destroy this nation’s sovereignty. People who believe that a North American Union is some sort of conspiracy theory clearly haven’t done their research. It is obvious that a North American Union is the goal of the elites for all three countries with simple fact checking and cross referencing what the elites have said in their own statements and documents.

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