Jurriaan Maessen
October 7, 2009

Duty belongs to us, consequence belongs to God.

The net has been alive with stories of impending doom long before the release of the motion picture “2012” was announced. Depending on whom you ask, the doom will manifest itself through all kinds of calamities: either an obscure, as of yet undetected planet hurrying through the solar system will crash into earth- or spacecrafts, waiting impatiently on the dark side of the moon, will invade when the clock strikes 2012. Mysterious beings from an even more mysterious “intergalactic light federation” are routinely informing us that the hour is late and mankind should create a “one world state” in order to properly receive the alien visitors.

Planet X.

Of course history records so many impending days of doom, that if they would all have come to pass, the earth would have been utterly destroyed a thousand times over. This sobering fact does not in the least affect the end-of-days advocates. Proponents of these mythologies (uniformly building their speculations upon an interpretation of the Mayan calendar) usually shy away from actual reality unfolding as we speak. They prefer busying themselves with the latest message from planet Zordac instead.

An example of this utter disregard for reality at the expense of desperately needed reporting is given by the Dutch website “Niburu”- named after the “planet X” a.k.a. extraterrestrial craft, racing on a supposed collision course with Earth. Although initially the website actually informed about and investigated the state of affairs, the editors have decided they’ve had enough of reality- and are steering their spaceship towards dangerous fantasies of a unified planet, yes, a one world order needed to prepare for “first contact.” The explanation given for this remarkable choice would be laughable if it would not be so sad. Instead of focusing on the scientific dictatorship being implemented stage by stage, the editors of “Niburu” would rather: “explain what the consequences are for the physical body when entering the photon belt.”

Now this is all innocent indulging- if not for the overall passive demeanour created in the process. Why act if the battle for freedom will be decided by an expected catastrophe descending from the heavens? It is easy to throw your hands in the air and to drift aimlessly on ethereal air currents. It is hard, on the other hand, to challenge the very real New World Order that is engaged in depopulation policies on record. History teaches us that the tyrant stands to gain from the slaves surrendering their minds to idle fancies.

It began in the decades proceeding the year 1000: medieval Europe was in the grips of the expected second coming of Christ. People readily emptied their purses, in case a divine strike from the sky would blast them to kingdom come. While the local tyrants collected the cash, the serfs raised their eyes to the heavens expecting cloud-bursting judgement at any moment. You can imagine that when the long expected hour came and went without incident, the poor pilgrims shook their fist up at the same sky they trembled under not long before. Not only was their summoning before the divine throne delayed, their purses were even emptier than they had been before. In the meantime, their Saxe-Coburg-Gotha chieftain had profited from the situation by gathering all riches to him, exercising his power with all the more ruthlessness and resolve.

[efoods]History tends to repeat itself. This time the clock has been wound up to 2012.

It is of course only a matter of time before the New World Order utilizes this tendency to dream of UFO’s and a floating off into some vibrational sphere of existence. What better way to kill resistance in the bud than through claiming that the world will end, whether we act of whether we don’t? Propping up fears of impending doom creates a vacuum into which a large bulk of the energy in the pursuit of truth may be deposited to wither and die. Besides, it discourages people from action, inspiring inaction instead. After all, why bother educating people about a world dictatorship if the end is nigh and there’s nothing to be done?

Also it sets the stage for a phenomenon which could be described as “reversed predictive programming”. Desensitizing people to messages of apocalypse without it occurring, makes people understandably weary of making such predictions in the future. When the dreaded year comes and goes, with the stars unshaken and the sky unchanged- and rest assured they will be- another objective will have been accomplished. Those who will not idly postpone doomsday to some later date will chastise themselves for having been so credulous. They will certainly think twice before allowing themselves to be fooled again, disengaging themselves forever from the battle for liberty.

For those not completely transfixed on the year 2012 there is much at stake. Imagining things will not be necessary. World government is being announced quite openly, the banks are routing out the economy, and long-fought liberties are being torched by power tripping psychopaths wherever you look. When one feels around the edges of current event, the indicators are unmistakable. The board is set; an invisible hand hovers above the pieces, ready to move. The supreme body of central bankers, deciding who gets special treatment by the eugenicists and who does not, is rolling out its game plan with an effort that dwarfs any embarked upon before by the New World Order in its long and sordid history. Its power rests and always has rested primarily on its ability to control the flow of information, relying on an uncritical mass, bobbing on a wire. We have the mainstream media to thank for this massive propaganda offensive. The situation becomes even more dire when we consider some alternative media outlets, changing their trajectory of truth towards vague new age concepts, softening the people up to the point of complete spine failure and furthering the objectives of the New World Order in the process.

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