The mainstream media and liberal elite lauded French President Emmanuel Macron as the savior of France when he won the election in 2017, but a year later, the country is now embroiled in a violent revolt over his globalist policies.

Leftist pundits like CNN’s Max Boot and MSNBC’s Joy Reid had praised Macron’s election victory, claiming it was the beginning of the end for European populism.

“To defeat populism, America needs its own Macron–a charismatic leader who can make centrism cool,” Boot tweeted in 2017.

Reid and The Washington Post columnist Anne Applebaum called Macron a “pragmatic” leader who knew how to defeat populism.

Other globalists like Tony Blair and The Council on Foreign Relations president Richard Haass claimed that Macron slayed populism once and for all and would “advance the interests of the people.”

Even the World Economic Forum believed that Macron’s win signaled the end of populism.

However, France descended into chaos a year later as the French people violently revolted against Macron and his globalist and “green” policies.

Additionally, Macron’s approval rating has tanked to 21% amid his condemnation of protests and dismissal of the citizens’ anger.

“I have a deep understanding of the expectations and frustrations, the resentment of citizens … Our duty is to bring a response,” Macron said in a speech at the presidential palace last week.

“I don’t confuse thugs with fellow citizens who want to send out a message. I feel understanding for these fellow citizens but I will not indulge those who want destruction and disorder,” he added.

Evidently, the left underestimated populism’s staying power, and overestimated Macron’s competence as a world leader. But despite the fact President Trump has double the approval of Macron, the media will likely continue to provide cover and prop up the embattled French president.


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