June 15, 2008

From the Reagan Death Threat website:

It takes a cowardly piece of trash such as yourself to go on the air in front of 4 million listeners and call for a firing squad to “have some fun” by brutally executing American citizens. Mark Dice and the 9/11 Truth movement are amazing people who love life and liberty. You have the nerve to say that “we don’t deserve to live”, and that you would “pay for the bullets” to have us shot and killed. How can you claim to be a Christian when you openly advocate mass murder and hateful violence? You represent the height of hypocrisy. You are a shameful, disgusting and phony conservative. Your words are arrogant, violent, and hateful. You want American citizens to be stripped of their most basic freedoms and God-given liberties, the very rights that our nation was founded on. Your wicked, murderous message is an evil, hateful attack on freedom-loving citizens. You are a criminal. Only thugs and cowards offer to finance murder.

Michael Reagan openly supports the execution of political Activists in America. He has called for the murder of supporters of the 9/11 Truth Movement. He wants to pay for the bullets. He has used his national radio show to solicit the capital murder of Mark Dice and says that Mark should be “tied to a post in the middle of a firing range and shot and killed.”

Reagan’s open support of the extermination of political dissidents is identical to the type of evil we have seen in tyrannical governments around the world, all throughout history. Michael Reagan hates freedom and advocates the mass execution of innocent civilians with no due process.

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