As the attack against our Second Amendment rights intensifies across the board, it is more important than ever to support those who uphold American values.

That is why Infowars is proud to announce its first ever gun sponsor: Head Down Firearms.

Designed by battle-hardened vets who know the importance of a reliable and light-weight rifle, Head Down Firearms offer the highest quality for the most affordable price.

After field-testing multiple models, Infowars was amazed at the resilience of Head Down’s products.

“I was in combat and I wish I had something light and reliable like this,” said military veteran and Infowars reporter Joe Biggs.

Head Down offers multiple rifle models including a one-of-a-kind “Alex Jones Signature Edition Triton 10 Billet Rifle,” manufactured and assembled in Dallas, Georgia, by former Special Forces, Navy Seals and Army Armorers.


Infowars has turned down countless firearms sponsors in the past, only willing to bring our supporters the best of the best.

Aside from their top-of-the-line products, Head Down Firearms is run by vocal Second Amendment advocates who don’t cower in the face of tyranny like many other gun manufacturers.

There’s a reason politicians like Joe Biden don’t want you to get an AR-15. Whether for yourself, your wife or a loved one, a Head Down rifle is the perfect gun for both firearms experts and first-time gun owners.

Firearms are not only an incredible financial investment, but an investment in the future liberty of our country as well.

By purchasing a firearm from Head Down, you’ll not only be acquiring a quality American-made product, you’ll be supporting the Second Amendment and the Infowar.

Head to to view the only firearms to receive Alex Jones’ seal of approval.

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