May 7, 2012

We tallied the numbers and came up with 35 decapitations in Nuevo Laredo in the past six weeks. Thirty-five decapitations in six weeks in a city located a short drive or long walk across the Rio Grande River on the International Bridge from Laredo, Texas, along the US-Mexico border. Warning: the photos posted below are extremely graphic.

According to the Borderland Beat website the individual who ordered the gruesome murders, Joaquín Guzmán Loera, ‘El Chapo’, head of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel. El Chapo warned the Mayor of Nuevo Laredo and the Mexico state of Tamaulipas “more heads will roll” if the city of Nuevo Laredo and the state of Tamaulipas doesn’t start showing El Chapo some ‘respect’.

Guzman’s warnings to the city of Nuevo Laredo didn’t begin with the horrific discoveries on May 4, 2012–dubbed Black Friday by Borderland Beat–of 9 hung bodies–4 women and 5 men–from a Nuevo Laredo bridge or the 14 decapitated bodies discovered hours later in an abandoned van; the heads discovered hours later in ice chests near City Hall. What happened on May 4th was the latest in a series of horrific warnings from Guzman who left a message he was miffed his earlier, attention-grabbing decapitations, dismembered arms, and messages claiming responsibility hadn’t garnered official recognition from public officials.

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