UK Daily Mail
March 25, 2011

* – Squadron of SAS and SBS troops have been in country for a month
* – British Tornado aircraft launch fresh wave of attacks on Gaddafi’s forces
* – Bombing raids target military bases on outskirts of Tripoli
* – MOD has already spent nearly £30m on air operations and missile strikes

Hundreds of British troops have been deployed deep inside Libya targeting Colonel Gaddafi’s forces – and more are on standby.

While Chancellor George Osborne repeated that UK ground troops would not be involved, the Daily Mail can reveal there are an estimated 350 already mounting covert operations.

In total it is understood that just under 250 UK special forces soldiers and their support have been in Libya since before the launch of air strikes to enforce the no-fly zone against Gaddafi’s forces.

The revelation came as the Ministry of Defence confirmed this morning that British Tornado aircraft undertook missile strikes last night against Gadaffi’s forces.

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