For a group that constantly touts itself as the nation’s foremost purveyors of tolerance, American leftists sure do love to assault anyone with a differing opinion.

One such topic that is sure to bring out the collectivist rage is none other than abortion.

In the mind of the politically correct leftist, protesting any left-wing ideology whatsoever is a sure sign of racism, privilege, misogyny and an assortment of other buzzwords used out of context to stifle any attempt at rational thought.

Unable to control their “tolerance,” here are four times the authoritarian left assaulted peaceful pro-life activists on camera.

Buzzword Queen Rampage

A group known as “Created Equal” got a dose of liberal understanding in early 2014 while peacefully protesting abortion in Columbus, Ohio.

An unknown woman, who attempted to refute science by arguing that a 12 week old baby was just a “clump of cells,” immediately resorted to violence while shouting “racist” at the silent protester.

Putting their right-wing hate on display, the group would later ask its followers to “Please pray for this young woman” after uploading the video.

She Drew First Blood

In 2011 another group of peaceful protesters were assaulted by a crazed woman outside a late-term abortion center in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

In an attempt to fulfill her bloodlust, the perpetrator, who was reportedly never arrested, delivered a deep gash into the back of one protester’s head.

The woman, showing off her sophistication and class, ended her physical tirade with a verbal one, unleashing a slew of profanities before leaving the scene.

Liberal Professor Teaches ToleranceWith Violence and Theft

UC Santa Barbara Professor of Feminist Studies Mireille Miller-Young, perfectly portraying the supreme tolerance of third-wave feminism, attacked a young woman in 2014 for not adhering to her elitist doctrine.

The professor rounded up a nearby gaggle of control freaks and stole a pro-life advocate’s protest sign before “inciting an angry mob,” according to the video’s description.

The school leader eventually resorted to shoving the young woman when her attempts to flee were mitigated.

Mao-Loving Commies Love Mass Murder

Communist dictator Mao Zedong killed anywhere from 60-80 million people during his reign of terror. Unsurprisingly, Communists won’t be happy until Planned Parenthood surpasses that number.

While protesting against the admitted and historical targeting of the black community by Planned Parenthood, Alex Jones and pro-life protesters were attacked by radical leftists in Austin, Texas.

The group, which first desperately tried to cover protest signs with pizza boxes and black tarp, later resulted to violence after being unable to provoke peaceful protesters with tales of “killing” their own kids.

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