Reports and videos out of China show a horrific picture of the chaos caused by the coronavirus, with people collapsing in the streets, troops and armored tanks deployed, and panicked doctors warning of mass infections.

So far, approximately 56 million Chinese citizens have reportedly been quarantined in over a dozen cities across China, underscoring the sheer magnitude and scale of this pandemic.

If China’s official reports of 1,400 infected and 41 dead are accurate, they sure are responding with a heavy hand: shutting down whole cities, deploying troops, and closing thousands of public attractions across the country.

Numerous videos show people collapsing in the streets and hospitals overwhelmed with infected victims.

Medical professionals have been uploading videos warning of the true scale of the coronavirus pandemic, which some claim has reportedly infected 90,000 people in the city of Wuhan alone.

“Not sure if this is real or not but this is basically what she said,” a Twitter user said, attempting to translate. “She a doc in Wuhan, there are 90k cases. Virus can spread from 1 carrier to 14. All medical facilities in wuhan are low in supplies. They are running donation to get masks gloves etc.”

Troops and tanks have also been deployed as reports surface of mass cremations taking place to mitigate the influx of infected and dead.

The Chinese government first quarantined Wuhan, which has a population of 11 million earlier this week, and warned citizens to stay inside their homes.

The spread has accelerated so rapidly that China has ordered multiple temporary hospitals be built within days.

Additionally, most major attractions within China, including over 70,000 movies theaters, have been closed to the public.

In light of these disturbing reports, questions remain: just how truly severe is the outbreak and what lengths has China gone through to cover it up?

Additionally, how will this effect the global economy and population?

Infowars reporter Rob Dew shows the patent number to the Coronavirus which is currently ravishing China.

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