It is quite easy to find motivation with our access to the Internet.

We watch videos of people doing things we could not fathom doing with our own bodies, and we feel a fire in the pit of our stomachs as we imagine how we are about to change our lives to reach peak performance. A few days go by and we stick to our strenuous exercises, looking to someday be in a motivational video of our own.

We lose ourselves in the thoughts of being hard bodies that make other people uncomfortable to be around because of sheer envy. Then starts the second week of your new life, and you decide to take a day off because you’ve earned it. One day turns to two days ,which turns into a week. You are back on your timelines looking for motivation to get back off your couch and lifting weights.

Motivation cannot change your life alone; it is a catalyst for you to sit down, make a plan, and maintain discipline. That fact alone has changed my life. I could tell you about the many attempts I made to get a physique I could be proud of, only to peter out within two weeks of training. There I would be, with Flamin’ Hot Funyuns residue on my fingertips, contemplating when I would start my regimen again.

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